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  1. bump...just dropped in my league, thoughts on drop candidates or sit tight: reagor, jeudy, snell, marvin jones, lashen (laviska shenault)
  2. Been more then that, he is making good throws and making smart decisions...
  3. I would say yes you did, im in similar boat and trying to decide between rojo and nyhiem hines
  4. Easy call, never touched or at least certainly not enough evidence that he was...they got it right...
  5. If it helps I also have OBJ and DJ Moore. Not looking too good but I love the rooks.
  6. I would have to drop M. Jones, Reagor, Jeudy or Shenault?
  7. I own all 3 + Edwards....I would currently rank them Jeudy, Reagor, Edwards, shenault...Top 2 and bottom 2 interchangeable...
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