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  1. bump...just dropped in my league, thoughts on drop candidates or sit tight: reagor, jeudy, snell, marvin jones, lashen (laviska shenault)
  2. Been more then that, he is making good throws and making smart decisions...
  3. I would say yes you did, im in similar boat and trying to decide between rojo and nyhiem hines
  4. Easy call, never touched or at least certainly not enough evidence that he was...they got it right...
  5. If it helps I also have OBJ and DJ Moore. Not looking too good but I love the rooks.
  6. I would have to drop M. Jones, Reagor, Jeudy or Shenault?
  7. I own all 3 + Edwards....I would currently rank them Jeudy, Reagor, Edwards, shenault...Top 2 and bottom 2 interchangeable...
  8. I'd sit tight with team 1. Team 2-Agree Edmonds for Robinson is an easy choice. Do not drop Mack.
  9. I agree on Darwin but love the potential upside of Irv Smith Jr. What about Jonnu?
  10. I think McKinnon is going to end up being the back to own in SF, who would you drop for him? Bryan Edwards Marvin Jones Jalen Reagor Chase Edmonds Laviska Shenault Jerry Jeudy I love all the guys above too, not enough bench spots!
  11. Apparently not. Williams posted on Instagram that he appreciated concern about how he is feeling and said that he is doing well. “Only thing hurting right now is my pride for not being able to finish the game with my team. It’s all gonna be good,” Williams wrote.
  12. They are being cautious, he was knocked out cold.
  13. What about Coutee or Crowder? The hype around Crowder is loud.
  14. I dont think he has WR1 upside, he's a gadget guy but he will be used multiple ways in the offense. Probably a wait and see waiver wire guy but there is potential for him to put up some points. PS- I know you were fu**ing with me
  15. Anyone seeing value in him this year? They have been playing him all over the field in training camp and he will be returning kicks, which in my league gets you extra points.
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