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  1. Yes,the last 4 weeks of the season is $50 per and there is no ending the league in week 16,reread what I posted on how this particular league works.
  2. Not exactly,we play all 17 weeks(12 team league $200 per entry) and instead of HTH it's a tier scoring system in other words highest score gets 11 points down to lowest score that gets 0.Those points accumulate weekly and the top 6 make the play-offs.Those 6 can keep anyone already on their rosters that's in the play-offs and then we redraft from the bottom 6 teams play-off players @ $5 per and start a post-season points only tourney so as long as you have players you may be playing through the actual NFL Superbowl. The top 6 teams in regular season are compensated well and also g
  3. That's just it,our play-offs go with the NFL Play_Offs so a 17 week season is how it is and as the GM of your team you deal with it.
  4. Just great,I'm in a season long league with a shot at 2nd place for some decent cash and both my qb's Ben and Alex Smith are not playing.I can do an add.drop but the cost is $50 to do so.#@#$%%$#!!!
  5. Draft move was taking Alex Smith in the 19th round and starting him week 1 against the Pats. WW move was adding Alex Collins on Sept 30th as I liked what little I had seen of him and I had to fill a space left void by Dalvin Cook.
  6. I have to roll the dice with Juju(late game) or go ahead and bench and play Olsen or Doctson,only choices I have and cannot justify spending a $50 ww add on a dart throw.Like others have said the $takes are very high.
  7. I can relate after losing Cook,yesterday looked at my rb match-up my Collins and Lewis vs. his Anderson and Bell.After Anderson last night I'm more than bit nervous,luckily our play-offs are not like traditional leagues but I need my team to perform well this week to stay in the hunt.
  8. I know everyone's scoring is different but it would be nice to know how many owners are partially to blame because of bad management.I know with my team(deep benches) I'm sitting at 5th place out of 12 with 801 points on my bench this season although my start efficiency is 84.9% which ranks 2nd and I contribute a lot of that to being very active on the WW(ours is first come first served). Not trying to point any fingers because 801 points on my bench shows that I had weeks where i just screwed up in whom I started but only bringing it up because it seems like we always want to blam
  9. My only other choices to replace him are Olsen,Woodhead,Doctson or Abdullah (standard league) and personally I don't see enough upside in any of those choices to make a switch.If someone else does please chime in.Lastly our WW as of a week ago went to $50 for any add/drop and our league is so deep I can't justify $50 for the likes of Keenan Cole(I already have Dede starting) or Dontrelle Inman.
  10. I've started him every single week so not going to stop now,just hoping if someone else on my squad has a down week he can give me a Monday Night Miracle.
  11. So were the thousands of bettors who had the over/under at 48
  12. Seriously though in the last 4 games 69 rushes for 304 yds,caught 10 of 13 targets and scored 5 td's,unless you have one helluva flex squad I don't know why you wouldn't just plug and play him.
  13. It must be nice to have an option,as for me this will be my 5th straight week with him as one of two starters.
  14. Not going to happen especially with a BB coached team,that said I think Dion sees the endzone in the Pitt game as it should be a back and forth scorefest and the Pats will be pulling out all the tricks to retain home field.BB knows the talent he has in Dion(that sideline catch last night was great) and this is just the kind of game to have him heavily involved.
  15. I benched Doyle in that blizzard for him,didn't lose my game but thanks to Doyle's TD on my bench I lost high score of the week which pays $10 in our league.
  16. From the WW Dede and Juju have been good for me Also added Doctson and played him when he had the td catch on Thanksgiving,he's been on the bench since Busts were Rashard Higgins and Demarcus Robinson
  17. Like I said above I held but let me clarify I'm also in a league where the WW is extremely thin so I've had to learn to be patient.Hell if it weren't for WW adds(ours are first come first served and $5 each) I'd not be anywhere near the play-offs.
  18. Actually our league has a Warning come up when you enter your line-up if you're missing any starters,it won't stop you from submitting but is there to remind owners that the rules set forth are to start x amount of players.Think what you will of my thought process but it's a game and IMO should be played with all the pieces for better or worse.
  19. No way I'd never do that to secure a win and as Commish of our league if I ever see an owner try that BS they will be bounced from the league immediately.
  20. Before last nights game I was down 119.4 to 63.5 and fairly sure I'd be adding to this thread today saying he was done and I needed Lewis and Gostowski to do X then my two starters last night Big Ben and Collins went off and I'm sitting at 123.9.Now just need Lewis and Gostowski to not fumble or miss FG tries etc.
  21. Just looked back on my transaction history and saw that I added Collins on September 30th and have started him 7 of 10 weeks,he had some clunkers in there but overall probably one of the best WW adds I've had in awhile.
  22. Our league wanted to make defenses a higher priority in the draft so we added a tenth of a point for every yard on an INT or FR return,not to mention 6 pts for a td if taken to the house.Thanksgiving Day that Chargers INT was worth 15 pts.
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