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  1. May not even be worth mentioning but Woodhead is almost the exact same size as Bernard and I thought he looked great last night after Mixon exited.I may be reaching here but being the owner of both Collins and Woodhead I'm looking for anything to give me some hope for that game.
  2. I'm holding Greg Olsen (foot) was held out of Week 13 against the Saints because of concerns about playing on an artificial surface. The surface at MetLife Stadium apparently contributed to Olsen's setback the week before, and the Panthers did not want to risk it, especially with a three-game homestand up next. "Three homes games, back on grass, another week to get healthier and stuff," Olsen said, "We just felt it was in our best interests long term for the rest of this season." He will need to remain setback free in practice, but it sounds like Olsen will be b
  3. I'll just say our $200 entry gets us 7 transactions and after that they're $5 each and I owe $80 in transaction fees. Record will be 6-7 but our league playoffs are unlike any traditional league so I still have 4 weeks to go and as of today am sitting in the 5 slot of 6 playoff spots.
  4. Not that I'll use him but I just spent $5 and added him as insurance since I own Collins and to block others plus our add/drop deadline is Thursday night @$5 per player then it jumps to $50 per and with our play-offs going with the actual NFL Play-Offs we still have 4 full weeks of match-ups,so hoping it was a good strategic move.
  5. Indoors?The game is in Jacksonville fwiw.
  6. My opponent this week has Williams and Jordy both so that makes starting Hundley a little easier for me.
  7. I picked him up on Monday and am starting him over Big Ben,hope I'm not getting too cute here and it bites me in the azz but I had already made the decision even before reading the tidbit below.Just hoping it continues. Ben Roethlisberger has just three top-12 scoring weeks over his past 11 games against the Bengals since 2012, throwing multiple touchdowns just three times.
  8. Holy $%^%$ Pack -2 now Don't know how true but I read one time that it takes a million dollars to move a line 1/2 a point
  9. Scores and Odds is now showing the game as a pick 'em it opened at Bucs -2 and has been dropping since Winston was named the starter
  10. BS would be not truthful,like it or not what I posted was the truth.As for Elway I'll gladly slam him as well.
  11. Sheesh,poor poor Eli,I don't get it,he had the option to start and declined.He deserves better treatment my azz,so did the San Diego Chargers when Eli pouted and refused to play for them.Just another day in the NFL,put on your big boy pants and deal with it.
  12. At least this week neither team will have the excuse of playing on a short week.
  13. Not going to compare a seasoned vet with a rookie just getting settled into his new role.Maybe I play the game a little differently but I'm willing to risk the move with our league's INT rules.Granted,Hundley has averaged an INT per game but again I'll take the risk with Hundley at home and Ben on the road.
  14. Since I'm not willing to risk Juju's hammy issues with a MNF game and no replacement,yes.
  15. Dion has been a season saver for me as well as Alex Collins(both picked up off ww) thanks to the injury to Cook and Abdullah's suckage.
  16. Although our league is 6 pt td's we also get -3 for an INT or -6 for a pick 6 and that scares the hell out of me with Ben on the road against a division opponent who still has an outside shot at the playoffs. That said I spent $5 this morning and picked up Hundley(vs. Bucs and @ Browns) as a streamer this week and possibly next..Gotta admit I'm not super confident on benching Ben but our league plays all 17 weeks with our play-offs running with the actual NFL Play-Offs and at the present I am in but with 3 other teams right on my back so I'm thinking no guts no glory. H
  17. As someone whose gambled for 30+ years I'm chalking it up to weather and Vegas.
  18. Yep,although I'm sitting in 6th place(last play-off spot) I've got a few teams right on my rear,so it's time to make or break,starting Booker over Abdullah and Collins here.
  19. Our 12 man league does a couple of things that keeps everyone engaged.Entry is $210 per Although we play a HTH schedule,our playoffs are determined by a point scale system i.e. first place scoring on any given week gets 11 points and last place gets 0.These points are added together(yes extra work for commish) for all 17 weeks and the top 6 teams are paid based on those accumulative points.We then hold a play-off redraft where the top 6 may keep anyone on their roster making the play-offs and then redraft from the bottom 6 teams at $5 per transaction. $325 is held over
  20. I've been reading through the analysis link you posted and like how they tend to go a little deeper than most sites I've seen.I'm in a contest league where we start 10 players per week but can never use them again once they've been played and it's getting interesting,in fact I spent a few hours today mapping out my strategy for the final 7 weeks.Hoping this site can add to deeper info.
  21. Thanks jtb,not familiar with that site,I take it you like it?
  22. Just curious if you don't mind but where did you get this breakdown at?
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