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  1. (USA Today Fantasy Sports) Baltimore Ravens RB Alex Collins ranks 10th in the league with 521 rushing yards since making his debut with the team in Week 2.
  2. Was going Houston but now with Savage at QB....
  3. Other than Alex Smith and the Chargers D/ST Butker is the highest scoring player on my squad.
  4. The Lions not taking that chip shot FG played right into the Vegas spread.
  5. I've now spent $35 on free agent transactions and finally one pays off,of course had I started Collins Thursday I'd be able to say two.
  6. 300 yds and 3 td's from Alex Smith and Butker to get a couple of long FG's should about do it.
  7. This all stems from his creative celebration last week of hide and seek.
  8. They reported last night on NFL Network that Juju has offered Big Ben his game check if he scores a td Sunday night because he has a celebration planned involving Ben.Just passing on what they reported.
  9. Wish I had a dollar for every time I said that in Vegas.
  10. It could be smart alright,a smart way way to bounce your azz right out of contention. Personally,I won't even consider that game but if you do good luck.
  11. I may have to depending on what happens with Michael Thomas.
  12. He looked good in preseason,here's a td from Mahomes to Robinson
  13. I'll have to wait until the first half of the season concludes to vote.
  14. I'm passing on Philly this week and going with the Saints at home over the Bears.Looking ahead (if I make it) probably have to use Philly hosting the Broncos or Bears as those weeks are bad for me based on the teams I've already used.
  15. Quite possibly because not everyone's league is the same.
  16. He's starting for me over Jordan Reed,luckily I've already won my game so he can't hurt me.Just hoping he shows something because I'm in dire need of rb help and am hoping to use him or juju in an offer.
  17. It definitely ups the stakes,we had an owner a few years ago that ended up with a little over $200 in transaction fees.Luckily our league has numerous opportunities to win cash other than just play-offs,so he was able to get most of it back. I'm so weak at RB that's where my fees have been mostly going,I've owned White,McGuire even had to go so deep I owned Campanaro for a week.Just hoping this newest $5 for Lewis will end up allowing me to carry him for awhile if not ROS.
  18. Unfortunately my league charges $5 per transaction but with the loss of Dalvin Cook,Abdullah on bye and very deep benches I have to throw yet another dart.My starters this week will be Collins and Lewis and I now owe $35 to the league transaction pot.FMFFL
  19. Last two weeks have been down to the wire for me,Cincy last week and Skins today.Next week looks ugly but at first glance I'll take Vikings at home vs. Ravens.
  20. Lacy got dropped in our league and when I read Rapoport's tweet this morning I paid the $5 transaction fee and plugged him in today.I don't much care for Ian prefer Schefter would've reported this but fingers are crossed because I am weak at rb. With Chris Carson likely out for the season, the #Seahawks are treating Eddie Lacy as the starter this week, I’m told. Got hot last week.
  21. I'm thinking Trubisky may be looking his way as a safety blanket and the Vikings are in the bottom half defending TE's.
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