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  1. Held on to him and thanks to injuries and byes have to use him this weekend.Hoping with Britt being doubtful Kizer finds him a few times.
  2. I'm hoping more for a Favre vs. Packers result.
  3. Playing against your former team can't hurt either.
  4. From the FWIW department Collins is listed as the #1 on the Ravens depth chart http://www.baltimoreravens.com/team/depth-chart-2017.html
  5. He did get another 50 yards after the fumble fwiw.
  6. Unless Brieda gets the start over Hyde I'm using JC in my flex(standard league) tomorrow.Hoping he may get 1-2 Chris Thompson like opportunities against the Raiders.
  7. I heard somewhere he spent 7 years living in London and will have 30-40 family and friends in attendance.That may not mean anything but I think he's been looking forward to this and will do everything possible to play.
  8. Yep,in fact I just heard him on Sirius/XM not 20 minutes ago saying he can't wait to see what Eddy and Thomas will bring to the table in the coming weeks.
  9. This was my first season ever owning Reed and will be my last,luckily we have deep benches so I have Vernon Davis to plug and play as well.
  10. Seeing that JC is only 3.4 pts behind Abdullah(my 2nd starter) in our standard league,I've already got him penciled in for week 4 flex.
  11. I'm in a 32 team contest league,needed 10 lousy yards from Jason Witten to jump 3 teams. :banghead:
  12. I need the Zona D to pitch a shut-out and have a few sacks or I'll take a long INT or FR return for a td as we get yardage points.
  13. Don't remember play by play but I do know one of his td's came in the 1st qtr and the other was a 1 yard catch in the 4th.
  14. Are you sure you watched that game,Ty Montgomery had 110 total yards and 2 td's
  15. Yep,one rule I never break in Survivor is a road favorite within the division.
  16. Personally I like looking at Vegas odds before making a survivor pick and just an FYI,including the 49er's there are 10 home dogs in the NFL this week.I know most Survivor leagues don't worry about the spread but that is a BIG number of home dogs and I think a few of them are going to be barking once the games are over.
  17. Agreed,the biggest mistakes I've made in FF have been due to having too little patience,this is one player I'm rolling with in hopes of backing up my draft night comment to the other owners that he'll be fine once the team gets a grasp on Shanny's offense.
  18. Even as a KC homer with numerous other KC homers in our league Alex was still there late in the draft so based on comments he'd made about all the TC practice throwing downfield more etc. I took him as my 2nd QB(Big Ben was my first QB drafted).I also pulled the trigger in hopes that having the young gun Mahomes in his rear view mirror would make him better as well. So week 1 I started Smith(didn't like Ben on the road at a division opponent) and we all know how that turned out. I've yet to start Ben and will not be doing so this week either,Alex is my starter until he
  19. Campanaro is one of those quick little guys that can do stuff on the side," Flacco said. It's an out-of-the-box suggestion, but the quarterback would seem to have a good idea of the team's thought process. As a Woodhead owner in a very deep 12 man league with first come first served waivers I added him.It's definitely an out of the box move but one I'll use since our first 7 transactions are included in our league fee.Who knows maybe he's the next Ty Montgomery.
  20. Have to admit even I didn't see that performance coming.
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