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  1. I don't wish injury on anyone but seeing Brady on his butt a few times with a KC defender running for a td would not break my heart in the least.
  2. I don't miss those days,getting up Monday morning getting the USA Today and calculating the league scores.
  3. Based on the play-offs last season the Chiefs looked dismal against the Steelers and we all know what the Pats did.Thus the season opener has the Pats now favored by as much as 9 points and those same Chiefs coming to visit.But no so fast Andy Reid has won 70% of his road openers as a head coach and Alex Smith has a young gun by the name of Mahomes in his rearview mirror.The over/under on this game is also as high as 48 points. That said I'm predicting Alex Smith throws for 275 yards or better with 2 td's and adds another 40 yards rushing. Yes,I am a Chiefs homer but re
  4. I wouldn't touch that game as Andy Reid has won 70% of his opening road games as a head coach and yes I know all the stats etc. for Belicheck as well,just saying I think that game has the potential to have more than a few people sweating bullets late in the 4th quarter.
  5. I don't recall NE ever being part of the discussion.
  6. Alex Smith goes down with an injury week 1 and Patrick Mahomes comes in as the cameras focus in on Tom Brady on the sidelines the announcer says,"well if anyone knows about what this situation can come to it's that man." Mahomes goes on to lead the Chiefs to a victory over the Pats.
  7. So you're not buying into all the Super Bowl hangover talk?
  8. Never had the pleasure of owning him(sarcasm) but he was there in the 6th and I figured the risk was well worth it at that point.
  9. In 2005 the Dolphins game with the KC Chiefs was moved to Friday night because of Hurricane Wilma as well. http://www.espn.com/nfl/news/story?id=2198438
  10. I wouldn't think twice about pulling the trigger on that.
  11. Assuming he's healthy I'll be starting him against the Chiefs.
  12. Haven't been around in awhile and glad I kept scrolling and found this thread.As a Garcon owner as of Saturday night hoping you guys are right.
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