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  1. Anyone knows if the chatter about Tatum playing the point is real? Did he get any PT at the one yesterday? Because if somehow he ears PG eligibility it would be huge https://www.masslive.com/celtics/2021/02/jayson-tatum-celtics-point-guard-injuries-could-force-boston-wing-to-facilitate-offense-and-pregame-notes.html
  2. Carmelo is for sure a better pickup than Anfernee, but he is already owned in 38% of leagues, and probably he belongs now on standard 12 teamers. Anfernee is only 2% owned and, to be clear I would only pick him up as a streamer for points and 3s or in very deep leagues, 16+ teams
  3. Anfernee Simons has played 23 and 29 minutes last two games, scoring 16 and 26 with 10 combined 3s. Worth a look now with CJ out.
  4. NAW and maybe Kira Lewis with both Bledsoe and Lonzo out
  5. I'm torn because he looked good in preseason and I was expecting him to be a borderline top 100 player in limited minutes to begin the season, with upside for the second half. But then he has looked really bad, washed those first two games. I don't know if it's because the change of pace and intensity (preseason it's not at the same level), the quarentine thing, or if he just needs time to pick up the pace after so much time without real action. I remember his time with GSW, it took him a bit to look good again, it gives me some hope. I'm gonna stash him for now and let's see how he looks afte
  6. One would think they developed antibodies, they should have immunity. Remember, no bubble this time around and a player that tests positive will easily miss a couple weeks so it would be interesting to track and bump a bit on our draft board these guys. I haven't found a recent list, this one is from 15/07/2020 https://thesportsrush.com/nba-news-nba-players-with-coronavirus-complete-list-of-nba-players-who-are-covid-19-positive/ I'd appreciate if someone knows of a more recent list
  7. I think Wood is gonna be very good, but the playmaking and secondary ballhandling thing is just laughable, I'd consider a huge W for him to achieve the 2 assists/game mark. I hope Rockets aren't serious about giving him playmaking responsabilities because it can only cause confusion and frustration and screw the whole thing. Please rockets crew stick to the basics: roll to the basket, pick and pop, stretch the floor. He hopefully will provide good scoring and 3s in good %s, decent steals, ok rebounding and blocks for a big man. And that is. 4th rounder with 3rd round upside in my opinion if Ro
  8. If Draymond earns MVP, DPOY or makes an All-Nba team this year, he will become elegible for a super-max extension worth 226 million. There is no way Warriors give him that kind of money, but I think he will try his best to put himself in that position. Last season he looked disengaged during the regular season, but he came back to live in the playoffs. I bet he plays this season with a chip on his shoulder every single night. Cousins is gonna lose a good chunk of the RS, and as GM Meyers said, Warriors want him to be truly ready por the POs. That means to me that they will manage him
  9. I have watched the last Utah's 6-7, and there is no way Snyder gives this guy less than 20 minutes. Granted, He will lose some playing time at first when Hood is back, but my guess is that everyone but Mitchell and Ingles will lose some playing time in the backcourt spots (including SF), so his role will decrease but not as much. If He stays healthy, I see him earning starters PT quite soon. His explosive skills are intact, while He has matured a lot as a player. The game has slowed down for him. Here a read about him https://www.lockedonjazz.net/alec-burks-night-a-symbol-of-the-utah
  10. If it was a H2H league I wouldn't do it, but in roto? Hell, yeah. You should wonder anyway if you have a real shot to contention. You are gonna lose Gobert at the end of the season, while Nurkic in the 8th round should be very valuable as a trade chip next year (I wouldn't stick with him since He's gonna hurt you in a major way in TOs and %s). Then is your build, how He fits in your strategy... I would do it, you are gonna take a hit in the scoring department, but your team is gonna be much more solid overall, which is a critical thing in roto. Good luck!
  11. He's been awesome so far, and definitely he is in the watch list, but what kind of role do you envision for him? Tyreke and McLemore will be ahead of him on the depth chart, right?
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