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  1. Ball on baller, he was playing like this before injury
  2. What a scoop from waiver and fine puzzle peace for my championship squad
  3. They would not play him if ankle were an big issue. If some big scoring game does not change his mental state he is drop city. I am holding on until then
  4. Tatum forces shoots, Kyrie,Brown, even freakin Baynes is throwing bricks... only our guy in 35 minutes have 8 shots. He has all the tools to drop 20 every game easy but no, he plays mister nice guy on spotlight hungry, quality stacked roster.
  5. Missing layups... passing threes to A. Baynes.. Looks like second coming of C.Parsons
  6. Celtics offense is not in sync right now. As far as Gordon is concerned, he was wide open few times and skipped the shot, teammates also skipped on him on several open cuts. You can say that he lacks confidence more then anything, and have post injury fear when attacking the rim. Upside is there with 30 min a game...other then Kyrie he is player with most fantasy prospect in Boston
  7. Dude is transition freak... fg% will go through the roof. Anyone sceptical about his fantasy outlook this season should watch the game. f--- Bledsoe, long live Siakam ?
  8. Late bloomer this one... Time in GSW did wonders for his growth. He is not only putting great numbers fantasy wise, but really fun to watch.
  9. Dropped grampa in competitive 10 teamer. Cant stand this torture anymore
  10. Benching him and his circus shots against Embiid in favor of Hanson...
  11. His rebounding numbers will likely trend down a bit when Nance returns, other than that he'll be fine
  12. I dont like his energy on court, looks flaccid, doesnt go for O rebs and rarely truly contests shoots with last years vigor. All this is sad because he is fully capable to reproduce last year numbers for Blazers on nightly base... some serious headcase we have here. On side note, lack of assists seems to me is a result of Blazers not running "Plumlee" plays from the post for Nurk like they did last year
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