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  1. Hopefully Nagy is out and they get in a coach that knows how to use their weapons!
  2. Panthers might slowly bring Cmac back... I think I stand pat
  3. Playing the guy w/ Mahomes and Kelce i have Tyreek do I plug MECOLE in the flex or roll D’SWIFT?? WHIR
  4. Offer: Lamar Drake and Edmonds Boyd for Brady, DK Met and Clyde current roster Lamar Hopkins, Tyreek, Boyd Drake,Robinson,Gibson,Dobbins,Edmonds,Akers and Swift Andrews Tucker KC def. Whir
  5. I apologize if this was mentioned before.....i didn't scroll through every page. I read an article shortly after the draft that said Patrick Moneyhomes said that he got a text message when the draft started from the boss asking who his top 3 guys that he would like to see drafted...his response was Clyde! If that is correct...The Chiefs are going to keep him happy which means i wouldn't be surprised if Clyde is the DAWG sooner rather than later!!!
  6. I'm waaay more excited about M.A. with hurst being traded outta balt.
  7. well.....i think he will still be a top notch fantasy QB.....for guys in keeper leagues....possible trade chip for a blockbuster deal!
  8. League #1 Lamar, Andrews, Drake League #2 Lamar, Saquan, Drake, Julio
  9. last two weeks probably locked him into the #1 slot for 2020!!!
  10. i have both and will be rolling Cook unless news breaks out they are resting him...which i doubt happens....they need to win to keep pace
  11. welll....tough call because cook could realistically rack up something like this BEFORE halftime..... 10 carries 88 yrs 3 rec. 35 yrds 1 or 2 tds
  12. throwing out a WR for was a BEAST for a split second...............David Boston.....was all on board for that derailment,
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