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  1. I think I'm going with Stafford and benching Kyler just so he'll go off for 150 yards rushing, 300 yards passing, and 4 td's, all of you stick with him this week thank me later.🙂 PD
  2. I'm hoping that the return of Fitz back, after being out past two weeks, to the lineup will give Kyler a boost, I've noticed whenever Kyler starts to scramble and just wants to make a quick dump off Fitz is whom he looks for. I looked up the history of Hopkins and Fitz against the Giants and they both usually do really well against them. But yeah I'm nervous it's put up or shut up time. PD
  3. Benched Woods for Chark🙄 I'm Sofa King Stupid. PD
  4. True only available probably in ten team leagues. PD
  5. My gut tells me we look back two weeks from now and kick ourselves that we took Snell, Malcom Brown, and Hynes over Dobbins.
  6. I'm rolling with Washington's consistency (last few weeks) vs ODB's likely higher ceiling but lower floor. Am I confident...no, just my gut decision. PD
  7. I'm starting him over OBJ in my PPR league, but I'll probably get burned. Landry is the #1 for Cleveland and who know's about Baker's hand, just don't have any confidence in OBJ and Miller is getting the targets. Good Luck. PD
  8. This is a bad time of the season for you former plug-n-play-TE to turn into a bum, because at this point nothing but TE turds left on the wire...ugh. PD
  9. I like my crow with a little salt and heavy on the garlic😲
  10. Rookie QB on the road...been there done that, he stays on my bench. PD
  11. I'm a lifer a Seahawk fan since the black and white TV days. I just hope were getting something more than what JG has shown this year, he just looks spent from what I've seen. Could be just a 2019 version of Seahawk Brandon Marshall all over again. Hope I'm wrong. PD
  12. Not abandoning...just going to rot on the back of my bench behind Tate and Stills. PD
  13. Even if he does play may not be startable for rest of season. Oh well I guess I can't miss what I never had...sigh. PD
  14. He cost me a win tonight. He's so bad in my 2 QB league (Mahomes/Mayfield) that I have to seriously consider picking up whomever is throwing the ball for either the Steelers or the Redskins so that I don't have to start Baker against the Seahawks, my backup Carr is on a bye. These are hard times folks. PD
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