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  1. "Creaming of the shorts" is in reference to Justin Forsett This forum is for Deandre Washington
  2. So I was looking at snap counts from last week. Duke Williams played 2 less than John Brown. He had 1 less target. The Bills will likely have the ball the whole game so the question comes down to if they will be able to run the ball at will. Williams could emerge as the goal line/tight end role in this offense as he is way bigger than any other receiver on roster. There should be quite a few scoring opportunities today. I feel that a 6 target 4/5 reception game seems the most likely with a decent chance at a touchdown. Xavier Howard is playing so I’m guessing he’ll be on John Brow
  3. How do we feel about Ertz this week? Deciding between him and Waller has got me in a bind. I feel like the Eagles will have to throw to keep up and I see Ertz as the primary beneficiary. GB is currently #1 against TE's but they have played CHI, MIN, and DEN. If DEN's TEs put up 57 yards I'm not too worried about Ertz. I feel like we are still in the start your studs phase even though they are both studs for different reasons right now. Tough decision but I feel like Ertz could pop off for 100+ in this game especially with Jaire (who has been lockdown) on Jeffrey.
  4. My thinking was to buy low on Ertz or Kittle and flip them after some good games to the TE needy teams. It'll be hard to choose in the meantime though. But Waller looks like a big receiver out there. He catches very well and I can see some TDs in the future. As long as they can't run it'll be the Waller Williams show
  5. I'm glad I got Waller late, but out of curiosity what is everyone's perceived value of him compared to the "big 3". I may or may not have acquired Kittle and Ertz this week for (AJG and Miles Sanders) and now I have a 3 headed monster. Would Waller be valued as a suitable flex? He has a dream matchup this week TE wise and I am considering rolling him out over Montgomery, Woods, and Gallman. I feel an 80yd 1TD week, but I feel like the Raiders will find a way to not target him till the second half.
  6. I have the Texans as well and definitely holding but I'm debating playing the Giants against Sanchez this week since the Colts put up a lot on the Texans last time (although the Jags shut them down). The only bad part is that Landon Collins just got put on IR for the Giants. A few other streamers I've considered are the Cowboys and the Lions against the Eagles and Cardinals respectively. Important week for me so trying to guess right on the defense.
  7. I’m going for it. I had them in at the beginning of the week. Favorable matchup snow just makes it that much better
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/articles.cleveland.com/weather/blog/index.ssf/2017/12/chilly_windy_for_cleveland_bro.amp Weather will be fine. The wind will help Kizers accuracy anyways.
  9. http://www.cleveland.com/weather/blog/index.ssf/2017/12/chilly_windy_for_cleveland_bro.html Not too bad in Cleveland
  10. It was a joke, slow your roll. Everyone is talking about the bad matchup with Slay looming and I jokingly said in 2014 he had 2 touchdowns against the Lions. Obviously, that is not meaningful input and you are the only one who took it seriously lol
  11. Do it if Hogan is healthy. Go with the gut. Evans is no stud this year
  12. I can't believe there has been this much discussion on what team he will go to. Go look up his contract or read previous comments, I came here to relish in the outlooks for this weekend and instead a bunch of where will "Free Agent" Josh Gordon go? *face palm*
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