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  1. With Rothlisberger's TD and 2 pt. conversion passes, I am now only down by .16 points. Just need another catch by Diggs to take the lead.
  2. I was down by 43 points to my opponent with myself having Rothlisberger and Diggs left for SNF. But thanks to Diggs, I am now down by 9 points...wow!!! Talk about about a quick turn of events.
  3. Throw behind JuJu??? WTF is Collinsworth talking about???...JuJu was well covered and Ben decides to throw it to him instead of looking for other open receivers.
  4. Shanahan comes from the Bill Belichick school of rotating runnings backs. Shanahanigans of course.
  5. I see Mike Tomlin after this game go 😠😠 during the post game interview whether the Steelers win this game or not.
  6. Why would Ben throw it to JuJu when he was triple teamed?? Typical Rothlisberger trying to force the ball as usual risking an INT.
  7. He was also with the Indianapolis Colts a couple seasons ago, but I guess that didn't work out for him as well.
  8. Moose Johnston suggested that Ben could have snucked it in himself, except Ben is no Taysom Hill.
  9. Hyde and Lockett are racking up the points on my fantasy team tonight.
  10. Eagles RB Boston Scott seems to be the only bright spot in this game. He is racking up some fantasy points on my team tonight.
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