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  1. Just saw an update: lateral ankle sprain and bone bruise. Out at least a week. Hopefully he's a quick healer and he's back in 7 days.
  2. Has anyone seen anything regarding the severity of his injury?
  3. Doubt it but it Harden’s hamstring is so what serious, maybe that speeds up durant’s timeline?
  4. Ruled out a day in advance. Not a good sign.
  5. Yup. Knew it was going to be rough, but wasn't expecting to have zero fun.
  6. Been playing fantasy hoops for a long time, but this might be the year that makes me call it quits. Injuries have just taken all the fun out of it. Nurk and Christian Wood killed me. Traded for Steph and he got hurt with his tailbone thing a few games later. Traded for John Collins and he sprained his foot a week later. Traded for Beal and he hurts his hip in his first game on my roster. Traded for Durant when they said he'd be back in a week (about a week before the all-start break), but he's yet to come back. Now Kyle Lowry is cashing out after not getting
  7. Yep he’s done. Totally checked out after not getting traded.
  8. Funny you mention Collins in the WCJ thread... I have Collins, so I was thinking of trading Satoransky for WCJ to give myself some C depth. Came here to check out the opinions on WCJ, but no one really seems to be high on him. I'm hoping Clifford is just giving him some time to get acclimated with the team but I'm not so sure. I mean, surely he's better than Birch and Bamba, right?
  9. I'm hoping for 25 minutes since he's had a couple of days off since his last game, but I wouldn't be shocked if it sticks at 20 for the last game of this road trip.
  10. I just stashed him and didn't think twice about it. Don't recall, but wasn't he coming into a nice little groove before he was injured?
  11. Probably not, ha, but I'm thinking about doing it anyway.
  12. Roto league so no playoffs. Plus, Beal is one of the few guys that plays no matter what his team's playoff picture looks like.
  13. That was Christian Wood's first sprain that only kept him out two or three games, right? The second one against the Grizzlies was the sprain that kept him out for weeks, if I'm not mistaken. Doesn't really matter I guess, just hoping Collins heals faster and has more incentive to play since the Hawks aren't tanking.
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