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  1. I did the exact same thing with both of those guys as well. Was holding Baz until last night's bomb... had to cut bait after that.
  2. Any roto leaguers comfortable firing this guy up yet?
  3. Concerns with Dipo back in the lineup? Could that even boost his value?
  4. Man that rotoworld blurb had a negative tone to it. I’m excited we are finally getting some updates.
  5. Said he re-aggravated his right hand injury. I traded for him a couple weeks ago... what was his hand injury?
  6. Went to locker room with a hand injury. Anyone see it? Look bad?
  7. But will I get credit for his stats towards my roto standings? Seems like we are talking about his stats showing up in his game log. I’m wondering about his stats getting applied to our leagues/matchups. Anybody have insight there?
  8. Ha everybody is asking. They aren’t showing in stat tracker or anything
  9. Interesting... as long as I get those juicy stats in my roto league...
  10. Anyone know why his stats aren't showing up on Yahoo?
  11. Hopefully multi game just means two in this case
  12. Isn't Theo running point tonight? How does he not have a single assist?
  13. Starting again tonight... hope he gets 25 and the wolves get the W... hopefully that's all it takes for him to get the minutes he needs the rest of the season...
  14. Anybody firing him up in roto leagues tonight? Or giving him a few games to get back in the groove?
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