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  1. Love it your RBs will be running wild for years and you can focus on supplementing your team through trades and draft.
  2. Do it. Cash in very high on Gallman and Allen. Better off long term
  3. Jones, Waller, Fitz. Toughest choice was Jones or Ekeler for me.
  4. Juju. It’s PPR and we don’t know how they’ll use Gordon.
  5. Brown barely over Allison... http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/768268-carson-or-mixon-ppr-whir/
  6. Niners forcing a lot of TOs. Their D is legit and they’re coming off a bye.
  7. PPR? I think you’re overpaying. Do you have a lot of RB depth to be giving up Carson?
  8. Who else you got at TE? I don’t think he bites on that. Do you mind posting his roster?
  9. Who else does he have at RB/WR? It’s pretty even to be honest given your lack of RBs....
  10. I would do it for Waller instead and keep Breida. You start 2 RBs?
  11. Dalton (higher ceiling lower floor), Allison and Hines
  12. Carson ans Ekeler. We don’t know what shape Gordon is in and Ekeler has basically matched the production expected out of Gordon.
  13. Thx guys. Carson playing tonight, both have decent matchups.
  14. Goff. As a Niners fan it’s a nice matchup but we run a lot and not sure how back Jimmy is yet. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/762942-carsonmixon-murrayryan-ppr-whir/
  15. You’re solid at WR, I would drop Shep if you really want Shady. Gordon looks like a prolonged holdout but you have both RBs. I would still drop Shep.
  16. Williams for sure. Dallas D is decent and the giants are full Saquon reliant.
  17. Prefer Gurley for me. I like OJ but TEs are always fickle and a healthy Delanie will be pretty damn good. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/762942-carsonmixon-murrayryan-ppr-whir/
  18. Diggs. Go with your best and trust them. Plus doesn’t make you Falcons reliant.
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