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  1. This guy is locked in. It’s a short season gotta ride them while they’re 🔥🔥
  2. Up 25 points opponent has Michael Thomas and lutz .🤷🏽‍♂️ Either Michael could get 25 in one catch or 5 catches 70 yards 1 TD for 18 points lutz 3 extra points and FG for 6 points Boom! I’m in the ship
  3. Here’s the problem if he’s not cleared by Sunday we have to role with somebody else Sunday [...]
  4. HR again today 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I stashed him just don’t know what the dodger will do ? 🤷🏽‍♂️
  5. Last year won the Championship in a 2 keeper league .Heading into the year with Harden and Ice Trea as my keepers .Thinking of going Capela and Mitch Robinson as my 12 and 13 picks snake draft. Should easily dominate 3’s assists rebounds blocks and steals .How do you guys think the arrival of Westbrook will effect Hardens numbers this year ?
  6. Another great leadoff hitter him and Kevin Newman boring normal players with great productions ! Pick him up
  7. 18 games in a row !!!and another HR pick him up now !!!!!!
  8. Kid is on f🔥🔥🔥 only 15% (yahoo)owned get him before it’s to late great all around leadoff hitter wit to positions
  9. Should be everyday catcher need a 2nd catcher grab him !
  10. So many little whiny babies all I hear is " I lead all year i lose to a low seed bla bla " .Its called FANTASY Basketball for a reason same in football and baseball.The one fantasy is that you get hot at the right time and you win 1st place and take home all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.There could only be 2 happy players of of 8+ teams .Draft a couple quality players then work your a** off on the waiver wire and give your self a chance at the playoffs. Last note for all ya little crying BtChes take the emotional part out of playing fantasy and enjoy if you can't handle the dtd /injuries /dud game
  11. What are the chances he plays tmrw being that the warriors were blowned out and he only played 23 minutes today Really need him tmrw 🙄
  12. PLAYER POS MIN FGM-A 3GM-A FTM-A +/- OFF DEF TOT A PF STL TO BLK PTS James Harden G 36:40 19-34 10-14 14-17 18 1 5 6 1 3 3 3 0 61 😎Safe to say he gave us enough for 2 games if he rest on Sunday Vs Pelicans Im kinda tor
  13. 17 points (7-11) 8 rebounds 1 assist 3 3 pointers (3-6) 21 mins Another great game for Saric hopefully he finally take's over starting PF Gibson is not really contributing enough.You trade butler to just have this guy on your bench? Somehow scooped him up in the wire after last game .
  14. Something to consider before both season/fantasy trade deadline arrives is what players to target for playoffs scheduling if you have a good outlook of making playoffs already . Last year was sitting in 1st place all year until playoffs came along and most of my players had 3 game weeks sneaked into finals only to lose to a opponent stacked with 4 game players. Choose wisely think smart plan ahead try to swap out 3-3-3 for a 4-3-4 especially that final week when it all counts.Obviously production is key so look at the numbers and team end of season outlook (tanking-resting playe
  15. He spoiled us cant wait for his 4-4-3 playoff schedule
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