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  1. message me if this happens tomorrow afternoon its going to be too late for me in eastern time now my email: digitalfx35@gmail.com
  2. bye weeks are creeping up quick so I need to prepare for RB fill ins. Available RBs are: Gore and Barber Currently i have bell and kerryon Malcom Brown and Ty Montgomery. I traded away Sanders for Watkins I dont feel good on either one the available RBs. Should i just wait and just plug in Malcom Brown for bye weeks?
  3. That wasnt Cooper, it was Beasley that was clearly short but Saints couldn’t challenge
  4. yes we all know how bad this guy has been but let's get back to Fantasy Football 101 here: targets targets targets. Cowboys wouldn't spend a 1st round on him to be part of the currently stupid WR committee they have going on now. Don't care how bad he is, he's going to get targets. He can blow up given week too cuz' he can be that good. If you can pick him up from WW or for some very low cost, go for it.
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