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  1. He’s droppable. 5 games last year where he couldn’t muster 10 yards receiving. 10 yards! Picking up where he left off last season.
  2. To all those thinking about starting the Bears think back to Green Bay's 2014 Sunday night game against Chicago when Rodgers reeled off 6 touchdowns in the first half. Another Sunday night game at Green Bay. Just sayin...
  3. Yes ESPN. The 2 pt conversion return has been credited, but nothing for the blocked kick yet.
  4. Our league awards 2 pts for a blocked PAT and 2 pts for a returned 2 Point Conversion so I’m looking for 4 points on that play. Currently getting credited with zero.
  5. Jax D is not getting credited with a blocked extra point on ESPN league. Need every point I can get.
  6. In ESPN it should be these: BLKK and 2PTRET but as of now Jacksonville D is not getting credited with either one.
  7. If Ertz is out then I’m going Agholor over Crowder
  8. It’s fair and not vetoable. The Le’Veon Bell side wins, but since Alex Smith is a top 5 QB and it’s a replacement for lowly Big Ben then I can see why he needs Smith. Especially if this is a league that favors the QB scoring. Alshon is the number 1 wr on a top scoring team. Doug Martin and Hooper are jags.
  9. Thank you for helping me avoid a huge mistake!
  10. Ingram @Buffalo Powell @Tampa Bay Am I crazy to go with Powell now that Forte is out? Standard scoring.
  11. I wouldn’t drop Ginn for any of those. Cousins spreads the ball around too much to make Doctson reliable and the same could be said for Corey Davis although he has a good chance to take over the number 1 role there. Snead is a backup WR now. Ginn is a solid WR in one of the top passing offenses and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
  12. I’d say ASJ has a better chance to score a TD and Ginn will have more yards. Just depends on what you need. As a side note, that Bears D has toughened up recently but they didn’t get their first INT until week 6. Last 2 games they have 4 INTs and 3 TDs.
  13. Drop Mike Williams and get a kicker. Too many mouths to feed in that Chargers offense and he is about 4th or 5th in the pecking order at best.
  14. I would rather have Fuller. There are no signs Cooper will get better. Carr looks gimpy too. On the other hand that Houston offense is on fire and I want as much of it as I can. That said, Fuller’s value is high right now so it’s a great time to trade. However, I would aim higher than a pathetic under-confident Amari.
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