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  1. Welp, sounds like Theilen is good to go, bad matchup though... Gallup should avoid Ramsey in potential shootout Theilen or Gallup?? WHIR
  2. PPR flex help Gallup home @ Rams? Miller at GB? WHIR of course
  3. May be hard to see , but Johnson has a dream matchup.. Hilton will be out..Lattimore on Pascal..Jonhson will see Apple..He will burn him when Indys probably playing from behind.. Guess Perriman, Hardman... for me
  4. Yeah it's coming...It looks to be 18 points in other leagues (Yahoo etc)
  5. Both have great matchups.. Wentz has more upside , but weather looks to be a concern..Cousins may not have throw much... Who do you go with???
  6. Agreed, but I see a 9-7 game coming and a pedistrian dst of 7-9 points for either dst in this one.. Wait and see for me with Pitts dst..Last week they were absolutely awful... Atlanta, since the defensive coordinator change at their bye, have looked like top 5 dst ROS...Gotta play the hot hand till it fizzles out, not to mention their home and against Winston, who hands out turnovers like it's candy on Halloween..
  7. Im going Atlanta over Pitt this week. Think Pitts offense being in such shambles theres going be a lot of 3 and outs which wouldn't bode well for their dst imo
  8. Love the TD potential..Starting over Waller this week
  9. Falcons over Steelers this week ??? I love riding the hot hand until the wheels fall off.. It feel off for Pitt last week...Tuff choice
  10. Falcons this week,anyone??? Winston is usually good for 5 picks
  11. I have this choice as well and I'm going with Crowder..Much better matchup, especially in PPR.. I own Chark and Westbrook now and sit and see approach first with Foles..Too much uncertainty to start them
  12. Was planning on riding Steelers D throughout, but just scooped up the Ravens now after Steelers let down tonight😔
  13. Goff on the the road is definitely a thing👎@ underrated Pit D👎 Juju is going @ Ramsey👎 Hoyer had tunnel vision for Pascal last week, @Miami now,, does not get much better than that! Pascal All Day!
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