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  1. Bears management are inept idiots. However, I find it hard to believe they put their jobs on the line with dalton. I think they go big in the draft and overpay to move up. This is it for Ryan pace and Matt Nagy - the writing is on the wall. I expect them to push all their chips in on the draft to take a rookie qb and try to expand their life cycle.
  2. pace is keeping his job. Doesn’t need the Watson Russell stuff to. Bears ownership is idiotic.
  3. Yeah for sure that’s a good pt. Give him Zach moss 15 attempts inside the 10. Should convert on enough.
  4. Go to the bills. Josh Allen on a rookie deal should give some leeway and expire when time comes for josh to get paid. Really their main weaknesss on offense
  5. Chicago fan here. My observation is that some of that is rooted in oddsmakers improving the future odds on bears winning division conference and title. People always think Vegas knows things, which, hell, it always seems like it. Combine that with that and you get the usual social media cycle of random connections. I personally think there is zero chance he leaves Seahawks. Just my opinion.
  6. Joshua doing his yearly "see I'm right and you were wrong" tours. One thing about this site that is guaranteed is that yearly tour of the 2 of 10 right guessed being flaunted. Carry on folks.
  7. I would save the thought of voodooism for a rb that doesn't have a bad knee. That won't require out of this world actions to see him go down.
  8. What pick would you be losing for Rodgers or saving by not keeping him? I understand the overall sentiment shared by other responses but it doesn't hurt to have very reliable depth
  9. No other options? These options are a complete toss up as in pick out of a hat type toss ups
  10. Hey folks, I was offered the trade below In a standard dynasty league. On its own, I see a lopsided trade coming from a team with massive wr depth and no rb depth. Can my team sustain the loss of mixon though when I include that context? Mixon FOR Sutton Odell 2020 10th overall My team: Qb: jimmy g Rb: mixon, Carson, kerryon, Jacobs, hunt Wr: Godwin, hilton, cooks, Preston Williams, Curtis Samuel, diontae Johnson I own the 5th overall and that will likely be wr because the league goes heavy on rbs.
  11. Quality of targets matter. He was getting quick throws off the line which isn't going to get it done. He was operating as a decoy compared to what TY HILTON normally does. Hopefully we don't see a shell of Kittle.
  12. I don't have the numbers so I am sure someone will hit us with them but having watched every play - I can say that it felt like both were out there quite often(they were on each side of Baker in shotgun during the initial series). Chubb had some really good runs with Hunt operating as sort of a fullback(he had a few decent blocks). I thought he looked really good. He ran hard, he seemed pretty natural catching the ball - the routes were pretty simple so there wasn't a lot I could capture from it myself. I own him in two dynasty leagues and I was extremely happy with what I saw. If
  13. I don't know about you but when you look at his overall history and the fact that he had two incidents with his knee since his entrance into the NFL, it's impossible not to see a history of injuries, thus injury prone. Oct 21, 2018 NFL Knee Strain Grade 1 Michel missed 2 games with a left knee injury. Aug 4, 2018 NFL Knee Strain Grade 1 Michel had a procedure in early August to have fluid drained from his knee. He returned on August 27 but missed the season opener.
  14. Smh im a bears fan and i would never even think howard could hold hunts' jock strap. Guys a plodder and only fits certain offenses. Hunt is a stud on the field and he would dominate the backfield. He is Cohen and howard combined less a little speed. Fwiw, The Chicago media is blowing the idea up so it would be very hard for the bears to get through that PR. Also, Virginia mccasky is 115 years old and super conservative so i find it hard to believe it would happen.
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