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  1. We should give it a rest the guy has been singing the same tune in here egging folks on with the same reductionist argument over and over again lol.
  2. Absolute savage. Playing through severe injuries this year and still balled out. RIP to those who pass on him in the 3rd next year
  3. As a hawks fan 100% agree, we’re the most backwards team in the league at the moment. Had a pretty stacked roster this year and squandered it. Even the most loyal in my circle have turned on Pete and the staff after the slow moving train wreck and it’s culmination this season.
  4. It’s not like the passing volume can get any lower, this is pure upside
  5. hard dnd. This dancing minstrel won’t be on any of my rosters next year no matter what round he falls to.
  6. I recall the Baltimore game where he completely busted. You’re right the majority of the rest of his duds were injury related and then drop related.
  7. agree, hard to have a big jump from 14 targets per game...however he may have less of those bizarre dud games? He had an oddly high number of just complete disappearing acts that might get smoothed out without JuJu.
  8. I think the argument that he could see some nice TD mean regression is a good one, and if he did get around 7-8 next year he would be a very solid 3rd rounder for sure. I’d rather have AJB or JJeff in his range but they have knocks too and it’s a toss up
  9. Yeah maybe you’re right, I don’t personally think a new QB makes him a high end WR1 over night but I could be incredibly wrong on this one
  10. I don’t think his situation is as abysmal as people make it out to be. His QBs suck but he has no competition for alpha targets, so he gets fed. I think he’ll roughly finish next year the same as this year pending a total overhaul to WFT and their entire philosophy which they’re clearly trying to build around defense and a run game. Super talented but I’d go with others in the 3rd.
  11. My favorite league format is a balanced keeper. keep 2-3 player y/y, and pay either a keeper tax if auction (their previous draft value + say 20%, with a minimum set of 5% of overall budget so 10 dollar keeper min in $200 budget drafts) or in snake leagues a tax on the round so if you got them in the 10th the next year you need to spend your 9th to keep them. it keeps the league fresh but also who doesn’t love going in on some keepers i play dynasty too but it’s WAY too involved for me as a year round thing. I guess I’m more of a filthy casual
  12. hes clearly an efficiency outlier at this point. Ignoring that is just denial. He’s an efficiency outlier with target upside. Sign me up.
  13. He fell much later than that in many leagues I was in. There’s an eeyore cloud of negativity that follows him around and there’s always a good chance he drops again in a lot of leagues. Everyone in my leagues still sees him as fools gold going into next year.
  14. On the flip side though if this is the dominant narrative he could end up a massive value. I’m all over some dmont in the 4th or later after what I’ve seen since the bye.
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