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  1. I know Packdog's on the clock for his pick, Im trying to let him have as much sleep as possible before waking him up. #soon
  2. 13-@Lord_Varys-Ingram 14-@Iron-cock- Freeman 15-@mrblonde1984-Lewis 16-@scuppers-Antonio Brown 17-@1972Miamidolphins- alex snith 18-@Packdog- cooks 19-@predator_05-michael thomas 20-@Impreza178-newton 21-@ToO_BaD- theilan 22-@vikingapocalypse- latavius murray 23-@Bartos- hunt 24-@petekrum-hill 25- @petekrum- diggs 26- @Bartos- kelce 27- @vikingapocalypse- rudolph 28- @ToO_BaD- ju ju 29- @Impreza178- julio 30- @predator_05- ted ginn 31- @Packdog-jerrick mckinnon 32- @1972Miamidolphins- Robert
  3. Hello, Scuppers reporting for duty. Sorry for the hold up earlier, been road tripping and on a plane today. I am here now! Looking forward to playing
  4. What you guys don't understand is, while I am all for blowing 1g for a spontaneous playoff vacation, I never actually agreed that it would replace the honeymoon... I vote both!!
  5. "Ladarius Green (concussion) is out for Sunday's Wild Card game against the Dolphins." nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo noooooooooo. wtf ladarius.
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