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  1. So do we think that he'll be able to continue his pre-injury production upon his return? I'm very tempted to flip him to other managers who are interested to buy low.. I can see a scenario where DSJ and/or Saben Lee somehow put impressive performances and overtakes Wright's spot in the rotation. Plus impending return from Hayes + road to recovery from groin injuries.. Ugh
  2. Just managed to grab him with my #9 waiver in a 10-team league. Hoping thar he'd be worth the punt!
  3. A glimmer of hope from the Latvian Gingerbread Man.....
  4. Getting sick of holding this Latvian labor, with the hope that he somehow can reproduce last year's number
  5. Take the trade and Run!! Jerami is Pistons right now and he'll eat any usage that he can take. You also get nance with delicious stocks!
  6. Yup DJ's a keeper for his fg% and rebs assurance. Which is good for your end-of-bench guy.
  7. Its just my team's strategy haha targetting to win 5-4 every week (PTS, FT, 3PTs, AST, STL).. Thanks for your advice tho!
  8. Im playing 10 teams weekly h2h. Im punting fg% reb TO blk and my line up look like this: Lillard, Lonzo, Smart, Lowry, Cole Anthony Beal, PG13, Fournier, Rozier, Delon Wright, SGA Bertrans Markkanen I love SGA but sometimes he destroys my FT%. That said, someone keen to trade DeRozan in exhange for my SGA. Should I do the trade? Does DeRozan's ft% insurance outweighs SGA's rest of season upside? Let me know what you think!
  9. Barrett and Randle are chuckers who should go to Arkham
  10. I agree with the posts above! Go punt assist and float some offers for Fox. I think someone like Hayward would be good to. On Rui, I recommend to drop him for Lamb. He's in a favorable spot with their scorers out so he'd be super worth the punt (especially in a 14-teams league)
  11. It's actually a tricky call! I like the trade offer. Murray is quite good and I still have some hope for LMA (based on his performances a couple of weeks back). That being sad, Ingram's current form is I think his floor, and if/when someone like Zion goes down, he'll be an immediate top-15 guy. But that's a big IF. So it goes down to your team's priority. If you think you can still survive without having Murray & LMA, then stay put! If/when Ingram blows out/goes on a good form, you can always sell high and expect better offer than Murray/LMA Thanks for your hel
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