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  1. Bust. Him and fultz. Cant believe philly and lac passed up tatum, fox etc.
  2. Does anyone know if Lonzo will get SG eligibility? Half the tine hes playing offball; and everyone knows Lebron plays PG most often. time to petition?
  3. I am gone. But I know I will be suckered back in when bridges starts playing basketball #fantasynoob
  4. I am on this train. Bridges been sucking a lot of a** so it might be jjs turn to ball!
  5. He should petition to the league to lift the fouls limit. This dude would be GOAT for sure.
  6. Drop and he will get the 5x5 next game. 5 pts, 5 blocks, 5 rebs 6 fouls in 5 mins mark my words
  7. Hes not gonna play. He didnt travel with the team.
  8. 12 teamer, can keep 4 players for next year. So my team is complete s--- lol FYI. However, I am recently considering keeping Josh Jackson since he's beasting last month or so. BUT, this seems to coincide with Devin Booker being out too. So not too sure if he can replicate this starting next year . Not to mention the dreaded sophomore slump... What do you guys think? Right now I am thinking of keeping Turner, Noel (I know), Adams, and Cauley Stein (I can keep him for cheap). WHIR of course. Thanks all.
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