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  1. KATs way better than davis in fantasy imo
  2. hes sitting in my waiver but ill rather keep norman powell
  3. https://www.startribune.com/karl-anthony-towns-joins-timberwolves-on-road-trip-as-his-return-looms/600017901/
  4. you think so? I feel like davis is on cruise control this year
  5. let me guess.... you got rid of KAT? 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣
  6. anyone's input would be nice on this trade, i gave up on AD cause i dont think hes serious but whats your thoughts? KAT seems like he has a chip on his shoulder though
  7. wait you guys are out here trading KAT??? I just traded my Anthony Davis to an impatient KAT owner 😂 owners should pounce on impatient KAT owners, its going to pay off boys. Trust me.
  8. This is a espn points league and Anthony Davis is only averaging 2 less fantasy points than Stephen curry. Anthony Davis is off to a rather slow start this year but I’m believing he will pick it up. what’s your guys input on this?
  9. He’s sitting in my waiver wire... but I don’t know I’ll rather have Harrison Barnes instead he gets rebounds lol am i wrong for this?
  10. If he can play today, this dude is a warrior!
  11. I gave up on this dude too early.. he was way too inconsistent for my liking and now he wants to ball
  12. Anyone else think his dad’s tweet kind of improved his play a bit? 😂
  13. I dropped Harrison Barnes for Haliburton cause he was in my FA... hopefully he does good
  14. Hearing rumours they’re thinking of shutting K Love down this season as the calf strain looks to be affecting his Achilles horrible news guys.
  15. He’s playing better than buddy hield this season so that should say something
  16. Damn this guy sucks if you still own him, you suck too
  17. This guy is actually playing good and no one wants to talk about it... is there any Harrison Barnes owners out there?? he’s playing great like let’s talk about it
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