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  1. OMG ...Take Cole before he changes his mind...
  2. Trade was accepted..I send Strasburg & German for Baez...Plus I still have 6 other SPs...Bauer,Castilla,Paxton,Corbin,Kluber & Ohtani....We have a max of 8 GS per week...
  3. Baez for Strasburg & German ......Any thoughts ? H2H ,5x5 cats I'm thinking Baez side has bigger upside but everyone needs pitching...
  4. I've got Ohtani & I like him but I would take Suarez or Conforto for him
  5. JRam...Story won't last season in Colo....
  6. Bauer,Yu or Buehler...What order would you want these 3..H2H,Cats are ERA ,WHIP, W's & K's...Thanx
  7. Thanks guys... Not 1 liked the MadBum side...In my league.MadBum was drafted 15 slots ahead of Moose( not Bob Moose of the Pirates)... Hey Bandito..Did I spell it right ? LOL
  8. Who would you rather have ? MadBum or Mousakas ? Thanks
  9. One of the guys in our league autopick and only got 2 SPs (need at least 6) He has plenty on OFs and 2Bs.. So whats opinion on Kluber & MadBum for K.Marte ? Fair ? Advantage ? If he doesn't he will need 4 SP off Waiver... My 2B is Schoop & I could use an extra OF eligible Thanks
  10. OK this is interesting.. We can keep 4..I kept zero ..Its H2H League..I get Picks # 1,2,4,& 6...Another team gets 3 & 5 I've narrowed it down to these BEST 8 available..Please offer opinions on who I should go for..I get my pick 1 & 2 for sure ..Here are my 8 Trea,JD,JRam,Baez,Strass,Kershaw,Bryant & Rizzo...Whadda think ? Thanks in advance for your time..I've changed my mind a dozen times on the top 2...
  11. Here is my opinion on veto's..Not all trades are equal and thats OK as long as they make sense...ie ..In my league closers(RP/P) are at a premium as there are 40 daily slots with only 30 max closers (for the most part) so if you only have 1 closer you may trade a 5th round player for a bottom third closers...Last yr a guy in my league autopicked and got 5 -1Bs..Only have 2 slots for them..So he did not get value for them but got upgrades at other positions..So although it wasn't an even trade..It made sense...Trading 1 SP ( Max) for 2 low tier SPs,doesn't make sense especially redraft...
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