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  1. After going 2-2 last weekend ill go with 49ers Ravens KC Seahawks
  2. Texans Titans Saints Ealges (Really had a tough time picking this game as both teams are luckier then the devil imo)
  3. Dak is just so bad! No way I could pay this guy 30 mil when he can barely complete a pass without the wr diving at it, or it behind him, or having to jump out of the stadium for a 5 yard pass. He isn't a real threat to run, he is basically a drop back passer who is very inaccurate. Who wants any of that action?
  4. I need Rodgers, Boone and D Adams to get 82 full ppr lol
  5. I am down 122.8 to 121.0 and I have jacoby B. and he has Michael Thomas. Should be close....
  6. I have seen him go mid 3rd in a couple of 12 team dynasty startups that have started recently.
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