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  1. does this draft on sunday night 730 EDT? if so, I'm in. chowcyrus@yahoo.com.hk
  2. I'll take Swing of the Valkyries thx chowcyrus@yahoo.com.hk
  3. Manimal gets first rebound, first dunk... and first technical for slapping the backboard lol
  4. Any idea where Clarkson might be traded to? And whether it would be an improvement on the 12-team bench piece that he is?
  5. Favors was disappointing for me last season, and the injury may have permanently capped him... I would stick with RJ and Bradley http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678958-has-anyone-been-able-to-successfully-trade-for-out-for-season-guys-like-hayward-or-lin-in-keeperdynasty-leagues-whir/
  6. What tier/draft round of players is good enough to get either of them? Early in the season but for dynasty leagues it reduces the micromanagement with one more injury on the roster. Thanks.
  7. Agree with this totally... Ride the Bledsoe storm
  8. Aminu...and be quick about it. Hopefully he's consistent no matter the condition of his teammates while as you said Oly is dependent on Whiteside missing games... Carroll has been too flaky when it comes to providing dependable results.
  9. Yes... but I wudnt do this trade... McCollum was spectacular for some games but Curry carried my team in multiple cats... in a 20-team league you need one of the top 5 and neither McCollum or Klay are in that category of sustained, consistent great lines
  10. I had Steph and McCollum last year, I think you are giving too much away since Steph is a bona fide star while McCollum can dip a bit... I wud prefer you ask for RLopez... while Len might have more upside than Tristan, so is that an upgrade or downgrade?
  11. Stats are: Games Started (GS), Minutes Played (MIN), Field Goal Percentage (FG%), Free Throw Percentage (FT%), 3-point Shots Made (3PTM), Points Scored (PTS), Offensive Rebounds (OREB), Defensive Rebounds (DREB), Assists (AST), Steals (ST), Blocked Shots (BLK), Turnovers (TO), Personal Fouls (PF), Double-Doubles (DD), Triple-Doubles (TD) Player positions are: PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, Util, Util, Util, Util, Util, BN, BN, BN, IL, IL Dynasty League (keeping a number of players to be decided by majority vote near the end of the season) https://bask
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