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  1. Yahoo won't do it until the MLB team officially places them on the IL.
  2. Yahoo private cash leagues are finally up. So, in 1 day, fill your league, get everyone to pay and draft. Sounds good.
  3. That will work. I run a keeper league where new managers don't have to keep 6 like the returning players do. So this year, our only new guy kept 2. So he got to pick 4 times in a row before round 7 started.
  4. Will someone let yahoo know that the season starts in 13 days? They obviously don't know.
  5. They're back, but with very few draft times. Private cash league option not there yet.
  6. Well, they are dumb enough to lose a lot of money. NFBC, RT Sports, and others have been going gang busters with money leagues for weeks now.
  7. They offer pro leagues (now called prize league) and private cash leagues. As said above the pro leagues are public money leagues in which yahoo keeps some of the money. They start at $20 and go up to $500 maybe more, roto and h2h. They also offer private cash leagues. I run several of these. You can set up the league however you want, settings, roster, payouts...and yahoo handles the money, collecting and paying out for free.
  8. March 5th, and still no cash leagues up at yahoo. I like most things about yahoo more than the others, but they are in real need of some competent management.
  9. Has anyone seen a date for yahoo's prize (pro) leagues? All I have seen is 'coming soon'.
  10. Everyone knows you can gain eligibility in season. My point is why lose it based on only 60 games? On top of that, those 60 games were played with different rules. They had expanded rosters and the ability to call up/send down players more freely. Managers didn't have to use a player's flexibility like they would have in a normal year. ...and it was ONLY 60 GAMES.
  11. 2 calendar years or 2 years worth of games? For example, Kiner-Falefa played catcher 70 games ago.
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