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  1. Unless you have another guy with IL, how is he getting close to a drop?
  2. Already unlikely to play Thursday so I dropped for Muscala. I can't be taking 0s.
  3. That was all Zaza's fault. Guy is a flop and just tries to injure any MVP candidate from Durant to Kawhi to Westbrook because he's salty he can't be an all-star anymore.
  4. smh can't believe Wiggins thinks he deserves a bigger role than this guy
  5. Somewhat relieved... Was expecting my opponent to get an extra 5 blocks and 6 3s from KD tonight.
  6. Thinking of streaming him since he has 3 games in 4 days
  7. I knew it was unrealistic but I was so hoping for a miracle trade to send Wiggins out of town.
  8. What would Kawhi owners expect to get for him? top 80? Trying to trade with the #11 team who has him stashed on IR.
  9. IND-NO game to be rescheduled during playoffs
  10. IMO it depends which categories you need. Both Nance and Payton are appealing adds for me. Nance will get you rebounds, stocks, fg%, low turnovers while Payton is assists, steals, fg%. I'd drop Bullock for either one of them.
  11. Rubio's 2nd half breakout is why I'm a little hesitant to accept this. I'm going to try and send Dinwiddie instead of Rubio but I'm leaning towards accepting it. A core of CP3, Butler, KAT, Oladipo and Lillard sounds very enticing.
  12. I'd grab Hill... I don't think Rozier will be rosterable when Kyrie and Smart are healthy
  13. I'd drop Crabbe... 3 point specialists are a dime a dozen and I bet there are a ton of guys who get 3 pointers on the wire.
  14. Drop Anderson and I'd consider Ish too. I'd pick up Allen and Nance and I don't think Clarkson is worth picking up.
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