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  1. Got a 10 team $50 Yahoo league that's drafting this Sunday. Have one spot to fill. It's H2H PTS. Need you to complete us, join us please.
  2. Draft date 7/22: two weeks from today. Who wants team 15 which comes with the rights to Betts or Rendon? Or maybe McNeil $1 and Mondesi $3 are too much of a bargain to pass up? Speak up and team is yours.
  3. Bump to the top and complicate my life by telling me that you and a friend both want to join.
  4. Now I definitely did. Got a 5x5 roto $100 league available if that's of interest
  5. I have: $100 5x5 roto league (15 teams) Auction, keepers (can show you your keeper choices) or $50 Yahoo league (10-12 teams) LMK if these sound good.
  6. Bump to the top. We want you! Join us. We have a vacancy in this fun, daily league. Think $90 entry since it's a short season.
  7. I have a $50 Yahoo. Send me your email address and I can invite you. You would be team 10, replacing someone who's been MIA.
  8. Got an opening in our CBS league. This is our 9th year and we are 15 teams strong. Great bunch of guys that keep coming back, you'll never have to worry about finding a new league. Auction draft with keepers and daily lineups. Here is the team you will inherit but you have to select 5 keepers, max, from the following: C Alfaro $3 1B Cabrera $8 2B 3B OF McNeil $1 3B Rendon $34 OF Betts $55 OF Mancini $3 OF Mazara $12 OF Pederson $6 3B Sano $1 1B Moreland $3 SS Gregorius $6 SS Mondesi $3 U/SP Ohtani $23 SP Bumgar
  9. Bump to the top. "There can only be ONE" "ONE is the loneliest number" "Landmine has taken my sightTaken my speechTaken my hearingTaken my armsTaken my legsTaken my soulLeft me with life in hell"
  10. https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/131653/invitation?key=ff902be9c3981af8&ikey=fa02841e4cdb8e76
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