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  1. Coming off of a lost season in my Superflex dynasty league. Deep league - 14 teams 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 Super Flex (QB/RB/WR/TE) 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE) 1 Team D20 Bench QBs have high value in this league at the superflex position and I was dragged down by having both Goff and Wentz starting for me. I like Wentz's situation better now but am still exploring an upgrade. Another team has Jalen Hurts on the block and is looking for a RB in return. I have both Miles Sanders and D'Andre Swift as well as the 1.03 pick in the upcoming first year draft (Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields are extremely likely to go 1-2, leaving someone like Etienne or Najee Harris available to a team looking for a RB or maybe Trey Lance to me). What do you think is a fair trade for Jalen Hurts in this format? Thanks!
  2. Close between Ross and McLaurin for me, but I guess I'd go Ross. Tough call.
  3. Tough call. I'd go with McCoy - even a timeshare on KC's offense against a loose defense is a great place to be. Help w/ mine?
  4. This is what I'm rolling with as well. Help w/ mine?
  5. I also like Waller pretty well this week but would roll with Singletary who showed enough in limited time last week to get more action in a tasty matchup this week. He's talented. Help w/ mine?
  6. Tough call between Lockett and Breida. I guess I'd go Breida but could easily convince myself to roll the dice with Lockett in what could be a shootout. Help w/ mine?
  7. Normally it'd be White for me, but given his injury status I'm going with Thompson here. Help w/ mine?
  8. Jacobs for sure for me. He'll get work in and Mixon is a question mark.
  9. I'd go with Mixon. Is AP going to get more work than Thompson? If both are in a workshare situation, Mixon has to be the choice, I'd think. Help w/ mine?
  10. I like Jones but it's very close. Jones is a solid back against a stout D......BUT he can help you out in a PPR league, in theory, with Rodgers checking down against a tough defense. Help w/ mine?
  11. I'm also goign Amendola here.
  12. I'd drop Brown. Still like Williams long-term. Help w/ mine?
  13. I agree with this, but I'd go with Jones. I still like his pass catching ability and think Rodgers will be checking down a bunch. Help w/ mine?
  14. A slew of suboptimal choices for me at FLEX this week. Which ONE do you like best? PPR league: D. Montgomery @ DEN --- barely got the ball last week, extremely talented but does that matter if he doesn't get the rock? DJ Chark @ HOU --- 4 catches for a bazillion yards and a TD last week. New QB seemed to like him but is maybe not even the 2nd WR on the team. Hardman @ OAK --- No catches last week but he's stepping into Tyreek's shoes against a weak defense. Hyde v JAX --- I can't even tell if he's the RB1 on HOU or if Duke is. Did surprisingly well last week. M. Williams @ DET --- Nice matchup but could still be injured. Didn't get a lot of looks last week (also could have been injured then?). L. Murray @ LAR --- Seems TD-dependent. Not sure what to expect from him week to week. Thanks for picking one PPR FLEX for me! WHIR!
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