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  1. I avoid low end closers completely. No Brad Zigler's, that's for sure. I tend to draft one solid real life closer in the 150 overall range then 2 end-game MRs. This season, I'm targeting high K guys like Kela, Hader, and Minter. Keep in mind that you'll likely be cycling through 1 or 2 of those spots throughout the season as other guys emerge that are seeing more hold opportunities.
  2. I'm rockin Every Kris Begins with K this season. Cuz, you know, Kris Bryant's name starts with K and he strikes out.
  3. Roster Resource has him penciled in as the everyday LF batting 5th. If he can manage to get 2B eligibility, I think he's a solid late round target.
  4. I'm moderately interested but 10pm on a Monday night is brutal for an auction league. It won't be done until 1am!
  5. Draft date? What waiver system do you use? Why not just post a link to the league so people don't have to message you?
  6. Ouch, that team is rough. Not a single surefire top 50 player (maybe Kimbrel if you're into keeping closers). $100 is too rich for my blood for a team that won't compete this season.
  7. https://www.rosterresource.com/mlb-texas-rangers/ has him batting 5th as well. Behind Choo, Andrus, Mazara, and Beltre so there is room to move up if injury (Choo, Beltre) or ineffectiveness (Mazara) set in.
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