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  1. I just scooped him up in my league. Hope he pans out.
  2. Both sides are good tbh. I guess it would come down to personal preference. Help with mine?
  3. Appreciate the feedback. I think I take a bit of a hit offensively but agree that overall it strengthens the team.
  4. I think I'd hold off. Help with mine?
  5. 6x6 scoring league. XBH and QS are the extra stats with OBP instead of AVG. I'd be giving up: Christian Yelich, Eduardo Escobar, John Means and Matt Shoemaker For Gleybar Torres, Nick Castellanos, Thor and Max Scherzer. I have to take this right? Currently have this: C - Realmuto 1B - Abreu 2B- Escobar SS - Boegarts 3B - Donaldson LF - Schwarber CF - S. Marte RF - Yelich DH - Cruz SP - Verlander SP - Bieber SP - Price SP - Keuchel SP - Minor SP - Urias SP - Matz SP - Mea
  6. I’m targeting this kid for sure. ChiSox line up looks pretty good and if he’s hitting atop the lineup, could be a valuable piece.
  7. I think I’d keep the bats, you’re off to a great start with the arms you have.
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