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  1. Not too excited. Will be ramping up all through the early rounds of fantasy PO. I have doubts he will be playing 25+ minutes for a couple weeks.
  2. Uuuuugggh... The only league I got to draft him in I also took Ayton, Nurk & Wood, and fell out of contention so these amazing performances aren’t doing anything for me, fantasy-wise. This dude is an elite, hyper-efficient scorer unlike anyone we’ve seen before him. This hot streak is becoming legendary.
  3. This thread aggravates me only because I drafted Nurk in 6/10 leagues (always in the 3rd rd). You can guess how my season’s going.. AD: drafted top-3 and has given very little relative to where he got picked. Idc if he’s been injured, even when healthy he was a massive disappointment given you build your team around him and expect huge contributions — so a lot of managers strategy crumbled apart when the backbone of their team went M.I.A. That’s a killer. I am surprised there aren’t more mentions of Trae. Drafted in the 1st, sitting at like #60 overall in 9-cat. Even in a pun
  4. Felt the same way about SP’s in general going into my later drafts, to the point I was budgeting $70 for a couple of aces (eg; deGrom + Lynn) to front my rotation in roto 5x5.
  5. I saw someone picked this dude up today and said to myself, “wait, why did Jaden McDaniels get dropped and how did I miss picking him up?!?” I doubt I’m the only one, lol..
  6. Working on his nomination for worst line of the year. Yikes.
  7. Hoping for Diekman to seize the opportunity (nevermind his first appearance). He did well as the fireman last season, albeit with some luck, but I have little faith in Romo and Trivino getting the job done consistently.
  8. I like the guy but just hopped off this ride to join the Baddoo hype train.
  9. Ugh, sniped 1 pick before me in a roto league. LAA got a good one.
  10. It was a whole “thing” last season. Raisel was very displeased about getting thrown into non-save situations and faltering badly, because he does not feel that’s the way he (a closer) should be used.
  11. Rodriguez us a likely trade candidate, though it may take a while to materialize. By the time the Pirates deal him to a contender (months from now), it will probably be a lot clearer who inherits the closer role.
  12. And grab his cup a couple dozen times, he’s gonna be feelin’ so frisky.
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