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  1. Feeling a bit conflicted about his performance tonight. Win some, lose some? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Lol
  2. A big hurdle for pitching prospects coming into the bigs is composure/mental and the ability to make adjustments in real time, which talent alone cannot overcome. There is a while lot of arm talent among those listed, but it is rare that a prospect debuts and displays the composure and moxy to go along with the talent required to sit hitters down *consistently* at the big league level. Most of the time they falter early on (expected), but every once in a while a guy not unlike Gilbert will hit the ground running and if you waited to find out if he has “it”, you’ve missed out.
  3. They both went to Stetson U., so there’s also that.
  4. Yeah, my timing wasn’t the best. Pitchers, man...
  5. Primed for a big return tonight with Kyrie out. He just might save someone’s finals matchup with 3 games to play. I would not be surprised to see him sit either Saturday or Sunday, but who knows?
  6. Counter-argument; Gallen, Kluber, Gray (who I know you’re bearish on, but was drafted at a big discount and only ended up missing a couple starts) Pitchers are a riskier investment because of injuries in general — wheather starting out hurt or sustaining injury in-season. Soroka may still put together a solid 2H this year. 🤞
  7. Not a SS. He has played 3B and OF this season, and also saw some time at 2B last season. The A’s look like they’re going to ride or die with Jed at 2B as mentioned earlier ITT, so he remains a utility guy barring injury.
  8. These are some of the guys who I foreseee their ADP making a big jump next season; Poeltl Timelord Conley Haliburton Holmes Sexton KPJ Wiseman Draymond Randle RJB MPJ Zion Bogie Capela Edwards PJW Rozier LaMello Garland Plumlee Bey SloMo Conversley, a number of players will have to fall to make room for guys that are ascending. I think we’ll see a significant drop in ADP for these guys next year. Some moreso than others, ofc. Horford (lol)
  9. He’s been highly productive late this season despite all 3 of them commanding touches. Their efficiency is actually a boon for Nurk whose assist numbers depend on it. They also bring spacing to allow for some good looks down low — especially when Dame gets double teamed. Idc what happened in the first half of the season, I’m still valuing Nurk based on his performance when healthy going into next season’s drafts. The only thing I will be doing differently going forward is to not draft the same players across most leagues, because that bit me in the a** with Nurk this year (and Horford,
  10. Lol.. Looking for someone new to pick on now that Tucker is hitting?
  11. Agreed. Gray has thrived everywhere except NY. When he’s healthy and rolling he can put up top-10 SP production and I won’t put it past him to do just that once he’s settled in (he hasn’t gotten there yet this season).
  12. Suarez is typically a slow starter that makes up for his lengthy early cold streaks with blistering white-hot streaks in the summer. I am not convinced the SS experiment is cause for his lack of offensive production. The Reds should still get him off SS though.
  13. ...and as far as the A’s outlook for the 2021 season, I still see them as contenders to win the AL West, leaning on a stout defense and pitching staff that always seems to pitch above their talent level. They will hit just enough during the regular season to win a lot of close games, but fail to produce enough offense to go anywhere in the playoffs. The A’s are historically (ie; past few seasons) a better second half team, so taking an early lead in the division bodes well for them ROS. Nick Allen is unlikely to ascend to a role with the club to shore up SS this season (although he can’t be
  14. There are local unions/private interest groups with a stake in Howard Terminal/Jack London area who are attempting to block the A’s ownership’s develolment plans until they can secure a slice for themselves. Mayor Libby Schaff and the city board find themselves caught in-between and seem to be trying not to lose favor with the public or local interest groups (saving face), so MLB/A’s group are forcing them to decide one way or the other, as they should. Pushing a deal for their new stadium through means comitting a sizeable investment from the city to develop transit/accessibility around How
  15. Losing Harden made the team I drafted him on go from contender to massive underdog on the cusp of losing a semifinal. Brutal loss, right before POs.
  16. Fitting. I’m winning the PO matchup in a league where I picked him up, and losing in the two where my opponent picked him up.
  17. Me yesterday: Get this effing guy off my roster
  18. The fact that you would even pose this question speaks to how much confidence there is in Wood presently. That said, I’m not rolling him out there.
  19. Has a legit shot at 20/30 if he can avoid injury.
  20. Diekman gets the ball in the 9th for the A’s. Full on co-closer situation in Oakland.
  21. True story; someone traded this dude for Coby White, in a 14-team $100 H2H league. I sh!t you not. Granted, this was in late January when he was losing matchups for people but damn, I already thought it was silly then.
  22. Will be a steal in the 2nd round next year.
  23. I love Greg Popovich. He has been outspoken for the fight against systemic racism, isn’t afraid to be himself and express his views, and has been a great mentor to some of the games greats. Sure, he is bad news for fantasy but nothing he does fantasy-wise will ever make me want to bad mouth him — he is an American treasure!
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