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  1. Almost a career game today. Having WCJ out is a blessing for lauri. Dont own him but been trying to get him for a couple weeks. As a bulls fan aswell. Brilliant. Just hope he doesn't drop off and be inconsistent again
  2. I'm in 2 minds about this myself. Wanted to sell him before he gets suspended but he is balling out so also enjoying the ride
  3. I have held all season and been very frustrating. Sell high moment to save my remaining brain sells. If anyone bites
  4. 6 personal fouls is a limit not a challenge cole. Settle down mate
  5. Markkannan or hield in a 9 cat keeper league. Both have similar output. Can lauri keep it up. Can hield his groove at some point. I'm always hesitant with kings players. FYI. Fringe players are involved in the trade but these are the 2 worth noting
  6. Ahhhh a slight sigh of relief. You are no longer in the back of my mind to trade. For now
  7. I was reading on reddit that he is a player who is getting the position reviewed but this was from a few weeks ago so no idea
  8. Forgive me for my potential blindness but are we guessing a name here ?
  9. I picked up jordan when Allen got traded but looks like they will go more small ball, poetl had a good game today. Is it just a tease or will he become relevant
  10. PJ will get C eligibility on yahoo at some point wont he ? When do the position updates happen. I will be accepting a trade if he does as I need a PF/C like him
  11. I'm trying to get wood for him atm but the wood owner wants more. I feel like wood is around ball park of who you can get
  12. Keeper league go Clarke. If not griffen. JJJ will hurt Clarke when he comes back and by then blake should have found his groove
  13. I own both but will be moving one. Its a keeper league 9 cat. I kept Clarke last year but the breakout of keldon Johnson is exciting. I have too many SFs so looking at moving one for a big man. Who will should I move and who should I keep
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