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  1. What do you mean by "refreshing our rosters?" It is possible I might be interested depending on the refreshing that is happening, cost to join. I am in several 30 team leagues so I am thinking I would qualify for the more experienced and serious you are looking for. Anyway, let me know. Thanks, dannymq@comcast.net
  2. Dodgers have been claimed. Only Indians are left. This team has a good SP staff (very important to winning in a 30 team H2H daily league), decent MLB offense. Minors are weak but does include Sixto. Let me know if you are interested. Email: dannymq@comcast.net or message on here and I will get ahold of you.
  3. If your dream growing up (once you realized the MLB player option was likely not going to happen) was to be a GM then this is the league for you. We try to mimic MLB as best as possible in the constraints of what Fantrax is able to do. This includes: Contracts and Salary cap (with Team Control years, Arbitration years and salary determined on player performance/ranking in league, extensions, and restructures Large Minor league (currently at up to 85 MiLB players per team) Yearly amateur draft based on players drafted on signed in MLB draft Bidding on International
  4. League is in start up mode- mirrored after another successful league with the same settings.We’re as close to the real thing as you get- salary, contracts, rule 5 drafts, fypd, 80 man minor league system.100.00 / yrLooking to start early November/ Late October.Email tamclennan@gmail.com for more and the full rules.We have 3 spots left- Pitt, LAA and DET
  5. Agreed--do you mind giving a rundown of the rules or posting a link to see them?
  6. League is full--thanks all for the interest. If you are interested and want to sign up on a waiting list for any future openings you are welcome to at the following link. We will pull from here first before advertising. http://moneyballdynasty1.proboards.com/thread/4015/wait-list-replacement
  7. Units24--email sent last night. Let me know if you want the team or if you have questions.
  8. CLE only team left. Has been a playoff team every year, WS twice 1-1 record there. And at half price. Still has a good roster and very good pitching staff.
  9. We are still looking. Just to make sure I am clear--CLE and LAA are not rebuilds and are built to win this coming season. CLE coming off a playoff berth and LAA just missed. So this is a great opportunity to make money the first year in the league. If you like a little project then SD is the team for you. Not great but not horrible. We have not had our amateur draft so you will be able to make your own picks and we will not start FA until all teams are claimed so you will not miss out on any FA you might be interested. This is a very good league, very deep, and made to model MLB a
  10. The goal of this league is to simulate MLB as closely as possible and we feel like we have it pretty dang close. If you have always wanted to know if you would make a good GM then this is the league for you. The league is run on Fantrax and has a $100 entry fee, Daily H2H (162 game schedule), and Playoffs (WC, Division Series, LCS, and WS). Winner walked away with $1100, runner up with $600, all division winners win $150 and WC teams $50. We are looking for 3 active owners to take over 3 teams--Indians, Angels and Padres. Indians have been in the playoffs every year and has wo
  11. Sent you an email to check out a league that is as close to real life as possible. Has 2 open teams.
  12. Should probably have mentioned this league is on Fantrax and we also use proboards to post roster moves and Slack for communication. Here is the proboards link if you want to poke around a bit to see how things work. This and the links above should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect: http://moneyballdynasty1.proboards.com/
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