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  1. 8 minutes ago, BostonCajun said:


    I really like Puig entering this season but that's a pretty high floor you're setting for him particularly in the SB category. I think the other numbers are pretty much a lock but for a guy who's never exceeded 15 SB I wouldn't put his floor at 20. I know he reached 15 in 125 games last year so I get why you project 20 as a floor but in 2017 he also stole 15 in 152 games. While I think it's certainly possible he reaches or even exceeds 20 I just wouldn't set that as my floor expectation for him. Regardless I believe he's still a bit of a value where he's being drafted but there is some risk which is why he's going where he is. The value just isn't as great as it was if you drafted a few weeks ago. 

    I completely understand your stance on this and you may be correct.  I set the SB at 20 due to team context.  I tend to think the Reds will run more then the Dodgers.  Let’s say he doesn’t hit 20 and gets 12, I’m still super stoked to get him at 75.  

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  2. 5 minutes ago, CrypTviLL said:

    Yup, I would be ALL on board with Puig, but in my drafts Puig went from a projected value of around $15 to over $20. At those prices, I had to quit out on Puig unfortunately. 

    He's definitely a great pick if you can get him where he is going, but the hype is real so buyer beware!

    I agree.  However, is you set a baseline of .275/25/80/88/20 he is well worth it.  I think he can exceed those numbers though.

  3. Guys let’s not go crazy looking at ST velocity.  Are we slow learners?  How many times have we all been freaking out cause Greinke was only throwing 88-89 in spring.  Remember, pitchers all ramp up differently.  If a player is still 1-2 mph slower in mid April then I’m concerned.  Until then, velocity doesn’t matter IMO.

  4. 1 hour ago, brockpapersizer said:

    I say this any chance I can, but I feel like people has a bias against him due to early injury problems and now think he's super old. The guy looks like he's 40+, but he's somewhat still in his pitching prime.

    I have to agree with this.  I was really scared off due to elbow injuries that past couple of years.  I got him a 9/104 this year and couldn't be happier.

  5. 11 hours ago, loro1991 said:

    Anyone have an eye on Bumgarners fb velocity today? Been listening on radio, saw comments elswhere saying 89


    According to Jeff Zimmerman he was at 90 in the 3rd.  Don't have the totals though.  This isn't all that surprising.  However, in his previous starts this spring he's been 91-93, which is a slight tick up from last year at this time, so that's a little encouraging.  Remember, he's never been a high velo guy.

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  6. 2 hours ago, sngehl01 said:

    I can see where you'd think that on AB. However, also consider that you add even more points for a H when you get one. An at bat in itself is not a negative play, persay. However, going hitless is. If you go 0-5 on the day with no R, RBI, SF, SH, BB, you had a negative impact on your team for the day. This does reflect that. Even more importantly, it will increase the risk of streaming bats and will not favor the guys who get on daily to make those moves. Only 1 of my leagues scores -.5 per AB, and I actually do like it quite a bit. A 1-3 day with just a single with no other stats would be 1.5 points instead of 1. Usually, you'd just get 1 point for the single. But since AB's are -.5, all hits are 2 extra points, so you'd have 2 points for getting 1 hit, + 1 point for the single - 1.5 for the AB's. 1.5 points. A 0-4 day with a K would be -3. A 2 for 3 day with a double, 1 r, 1 rbi would 7.5 (versus 5 for standard). It's just more volatile, in the end the #'s work out to be about the same. Again, the point is to give less incentive to constantly stream (which doesn't usually exist in a points league for batters). A games played limit would also work, but I don't think that's very useful in H2H

    This actually makes a lot of sense after your explanation.  Thank you for clarifying.  One of the things I struggle with each year running a points league is to limit giving an advantage to players that stream and have the scoring for pitching and hitting equal.  I noticed most of the league streamed catchers last season, we all know how weak that position is.  Especially in a points format where they rarely play 130 games.  So, this season I removed the position and added a extra utility spot.


    I will highly consider your point format next season.  We are in the middle of our draft right now.  Changing the scoring now would greatly change a lot of players pre -draft evaluation.

  7. 1 hour ago, colepenhagen said:

    bregman has zero chance to put up top 5 line. would take 20sb or 40 bombs and I don't think he has either

    Two years ago the same was thought about Ramirez.  He was a super late pick who nobody though would be great.  It's pretty obvious you are missing he point here. 

  8. We need more context on the league.  Is it points or Categories and what categories/point system.  Also is there draft implications for your keeper.  I would also suggest provide a few you are looking at not your whole 40 man roster.

  9. This year for me it means really focusing in on middle to late inning guys with power arms.  Who has a chance for 100K in 70-80 innings type guys.  I'm going after a couple closers this season but not early in the draft.  It's such a volatile position I'm not willing to waste a bunch of draft capital on it.  The closer landscape will look drastically different in June or July then it does right now.  


    I feel like quality middle to late relievers can help a ton in K's, Whip and ERA.  They can even provide a couple wins or saves.  This is how I'm approaching it after my first couple starters anyway.

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  10. 22 minutes ago, colepenhagen said:

    don't think you could make a logical argument for taking acuna or bregman over jo ram but to each their own

    My point is they are all fine and it really doesn't matter what order they are taken in.  As fantasy players there is way too much group think on players at times.  Any idea that is outside of the group is considered wrong.  Which I don't agree with.  You don't have to follow a Fantasy pros ranking sheet to build a winning team.  You can take any of the players inside of top 20 ahead of Ramierez and build a winning team.  That's my point.

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  11. 1 minute ago, Slatykamora said:

    Rational was more playing off his words.. but disicussions here are for more standard formats. 5x5, OBP, etc etc etc.

    Was hoping more someone would take the challenge and explain why they dont believe he is a top 10 player. Im all ears. Just yet to hear a solid arguement that isnt just an overreaction to his 2nd half. Which in a vaccum i find irrational given his last years. Being in his prime, not injured.

    For me its just a matter of several other players I like better.  I think he's a fine player but do have concerns about the offense.  I don't think it's nearly the offense we've seen in the past.  Which could limit his at bats.  Don't get me wrong he's fantastic.  I just like Martinez, Scherzer, Judge, Aernado, Bregman, Acuna, Stanton and DeGrom more.  However, everyone in the top 20 are fantastic picks no matter where you get them.


    As far as falling off in the 2nd half, we just don't know yet.  The sample size is too small.  We really only have two seasons of full time AB's.  In 2017 he was fairly equal 1st and 2nd half.  Last year he fell off a cliff.  I do wonder if he will be pitched to differently this season or if possibly teams figured him out in the 2nd half of last season.  These are real minor concerns but pushes him down just a tick for me.  

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