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  1. I run my league on Fantrax and they have the same issue. We allow 9 starts per week and it works out pretty well. At the end of the season hitting and pitching are really close. However, in order the alleviate the issue of going above the start limit I have a blurb in the league constitution. It basically says it's the owners responsibly to count pitcher starts and not go above it. Should the owner go above the 9 start limit the only start(s) that will count for that day are the lowest scores up to the limit of 9. There is a little bit of a leaning curve for the owners in the league
  2. This looks like a decent scoring system. I don't like the huge points that are available for shutouts and such. I would give a bonus but those are way to high IMO. I've run a H2H points setup for several years. It's a daily format to combat the streaming of two start pitchers. The other way I limit streaming and try to equalize the Hitters and pitchers is I only allow 9 starts per week. This way the owner has to make decisions on which pitcher to start each day. I also added 2 points for a hold this season. With the landscape of saves and closer's changing throughout b
  3. I don't necessarily agree with this. I think there is an argument the Ramirez doesn't return top 10 value. Do misunderstand me, I'm not saying he's a bad pick at 3 or a steal at 10. Like an earlier poster said there is an incredible amount of talent at the time. I don't see a steal or reach in the first 20 picks. The one's that are saying this are basing it purely off ADP and group think. For sake of argument I like Bregman over Ramirez. Doesn't mean I'm right or wrong. Both are fantastic players and picks no matter where you get them.
  4. Hey guys I'm not sure if this is the correct spot for this, I'm wondering if Rotoworld is planning on having a MLB Lineups page this year. I don't see it on the new web design. Thanks,
  5. So they a quoting how excellent he's looking on a walk? Haha
  6. I got him at 56 in my draft. He wasn't really in my draft plans but I couldn't pass up the value. I was stunned he was sitting there.
  7. I have a league in it's 3rd year. We currently have one opening. All team finances are kept through Fantrax treasurer a dispersed to the league winners the day after the season ends. This is a redraft league and once the league is full and everyone has paid I will email the draft slots. This is done randomly through an online generator and emailed to each owner. Feel free to email me at jeremy.vanspronsen@gmail.com or text at 269-271-1640 Entry Fee: $75 Teams: 12 Site: Fantrax Full List of Rules: See Below Draft: March 1 Draft Type: Slow -
  8. Exactly. Nobody has perfected it. My strategy for best ball is a little different then most. I tend to choose 3 running systems I like and take all three handcuffs to cover. For me on draft my ideal setup is 2QB (if they are really good) a third if there's risk, 6RB as stated above, 7WR and 3TE
  9. I don't think this is a good idea. In fact, I think zero WR is a better strategy (Not one I use). The WR position is much deeper and easier to find value.
  10. What an idiotic take. Are you even watching the games. It’s been freezing and Cabrera is driving the ball. He miss a HR by 5 feet today. I guess you’d drop Votto too because he isn’t hitting homeruns in April.
  11. Yikes. You have a lot of holes to fill. Torres and Stenzel aren’t even going to start with the big league club. Conforto is hurt, so you will need to make some early season moves. Pitching has upside but also carries a lot of risk. Overall, your team carries a ton of risk. Could be fine but I think your going to struggle to be in the top half of the league.
  12. I took him 114th last night. Maybe a round early, but I wanted him.
  13. Looked good til Polonco got suspended. You have a real hole at SS now.
  14. Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed.
  15. Hey guys, I have my draft coming up soon. The league changed from Avg to OBP this year. For those that have played OBP can what’s a good target number to be competitive in the category? I’m setting my targets numbers and any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  16. I suppose. However, we don't know what Dahl is. He could be good but I'm not sold he's that good. You know what you're getting with Parra and it's not much, Tapia could be good but there's a lot of questions around him. Also who the heck knows what McMahon is as well. I guess my point is you know what you're getting with Cargo. I think last year was an outlier and at a discounted price. Dahl, Tapia and McMahon are better served to develop.
  17. This is assuming would want to go to CO on a one year deal. As a pitcher trying to hit the market again next season looking for a long term deal I would stay away from CO. Minn is much better served for improving his market value. Target field is a lot more pitcher friendly and the AL Central could easily be the weakest division in baseball this season.
  18. I grabbed Him and Dickerson at 285 and 292 in my draft today. I see value in both at that point of the draft.
  19. Interested but can’t view league settings. Is this a daily or weekly transaction league. jeremy.vanspronsen@gmail.com
  20. When is and what style is the draft? I’m interested Jeremy.vanspronsen@gmail.com
  21. Not this season. I haven't done the research to assign a value to the player pool. I would much prefer a slow snake this season. Thanks
  22. I'm not interested in an auction draft. Thanks
  23. Items I'm looking for (Please read before just posting league info). I'm not all concerned about the categories but would prefer OBP. Buy In: $30-100 Lineup Changes: Daily Draft Type: Slow Jeremy.VanSpronsen@gmail.com
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