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  1. Please email at jeremy.vanspronsen@gmail or reply with email if interested. $75 Entry (Fantrax Treasurer) 1st = 450 2nd = 200 3rd =100 Most Points = 150 LEAGUE RULES SUMMARY 2018 MASTERS OF THE DIAMOND General League Name: Masters of the Diamond Duplicate Player Allowance: Not Used Scoring System: Head-to-Head Points Maximum # of teams: 12 League Creator Use
  2. I drafted him with the expectation of 10-12 good to great starts knowing he would have a rough patch. He fell super far in my league, so much so it would've been crazy not to take him with the outside shot of 20 good starts. He's looked so much better over the past month. Not even considering the opponent but watching him pitch. His location and command are much better.
  3. I disagree with the statements made saying dropping him early on was the correct move. If you drafted Hill you knew what you were getting. Headaches thourout the season but some really fantastic starts as well. You also had the option not to start the guy during his bad stretch and it didn't hurt your numbers one bit. He's doing really well to help the numbers now.
  4. If you dive deeper into the number you will notice the D-Backs are terrible against lefties and not as good on the road. This is actually a really good matchup. I'm rolling him out there.
  5. I'm starting him because I need wins. My others stats are in great shape, if he gets roughed up it won't hurt. He pitched a gem in CO earlier in the year.
  6. He's looked awful this spring. He's striking out a ton. He was getting an 88MPH fastball blown by him consistently the other day. He played well today though.
  7. You may be right on that. However, that just proves that he's not ready for the bigs at this point. He will be good I just don't think this is the season.
  8. I would disagree with this assessment. Stealing a base is just as much about reading the pitcher/catcher and getting a proper jump as it is about speed. He's super raw in that regard.
  9. He is yet to attempt a stolen base at the MLB level.
  10. I agree with you. I think it would really help him the spend most of the season in AAA. His sample size in the bigs is very small and doesn't mean much as he was probably in awe. However he did K 12 of his 20 AB's. He seemed to really struggle with the Curveball and Slider and was swinging at pitches out of the zone. Like I said small sample in but also worth noting. He's got great upside but I think he would benefit from more meaningful at bats in AAA.
  11. That may be a little aggressive barring an injury to Brett Lawrie (which is entirely possible). He still needs some time to develop. I see him as a call up after the All-Star break. He may not have much of an impact till next season.
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