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  1. He has some speed. He could hit .310 with 15 steals which would be nice ROI considering draft position.
  2. Weather could have played a role. But he is a one pitch pitcher. Heck of a pitch though.
  3. Well..I wish he would pitch deeper but the Brewers offense is so atrocious I am not sure we would missing out on more than a win or two.
  4. I don't care what the numbers say. He is a HOF pitcher. I hope the writers ignore any numbers that might say otherwise. As long as he maintains some level of being a really good pitcher for 5 more years he should get in.
  5. He should be rostered and started every home start. Maybe on the road against bad offenses.
  6. Dodgers are the NL Rays. Too many good players.
  7. Here is what Eric Longenhagen said about him during a chat.
  8. I will set up a spreadsheet. Here are others the past few days. VS Woodruff : Saved 2-12, Lost 1 run VS McCullers : Saved 0-4, Lost 1 run I am guessing over the course of a season I gain 4 BA standings points and lose 1 point somewhere else. I am certainly not benching good players. As for missing out on players facing bullpens the aces usually leave the game ahead or close meaning the good relievers are in the game. Not the mop up guys.
  9. I benched Happ, Baez, and Jason Heyward on Wednesday vs. Burnes leaving open spots in my lineup. Saved myself a 2-10. No counting statistics. I have not had time to record previous days this week but I know I have saved BA losses while losing minimal counting stats. I know it is early but I have moved from 10th in BA to 5th in less than a week. Some of my other hitters have had good weeks AVG wise but even taking that into consideration it is seeming like a viable strategy. Will post back later.
  10. I own Gerrit Cole and Corbin Burnes in a 14 team league.
  11. Has a pitcher every single handedly won a league for an owner?
  12. Agree with this. He was amazing last season and he has continued into this year. He is a witch.
  13. Don't think we will be getting a return on investment with him.
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