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  1. I dunno. He is not a really hard thrower so there might be less of a TJ risk. The reliability counts for something. He needs to stop throwing the cutter and stick to FB, CU, CH.
  2. I was going to post that he will be on my team but his ADP is way too high.
  3. He is kind of over drafted only because he is a catcher and they are hurt so much. No DH this season either. Do his counting statistics usually justify his draft position?
  4. Indians seems to have success with pitchers. Only reason to pick him up. He probably won't be drafted in most leagues.
  5. Could be a repeat of Severino from last season when he was going for a discount. Same with Stanton. I need more of a discount.
  6. Clemens and Bonds elected in their final year of eligibility next year.
  7. E-mail : kevinsnow17 at gmail.com 12 owners committed with a possible 13th. One spot open.
  8. Login required to view full settings. If it can not be viewed I can emailed to for access https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=4503
  9. Why exactly is his ADP so low? Didn't he have a strong 2nd half?
  10. His ADP is very reasonable. I am a buyer.
  11. It is all about value. His ADP is reasonable. There are a few players I would rather have being drafted later but if he is on the board at his ADP I might be a buyer.
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