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  1. Im interested but would like to know what platform? Email is Juddmatt12@gmail.com
  2. If it was baseball not hockey I’d love to but I know nothing about hockey lol
  3. I’m interested but depends on the site - juddmatt12@gmail.com
  4. I’m interested as well. Have too much going on to commish but I’ll play for sure
  5. Im interested sir I’d take Mariota because of the dynasty aspect. Plus I’m an Oregon fan so have to be alittle bias. For right now Rivers in a high powered offense can be a great for a team who wants to win now. Iron man I guess. I’ll be him lol let me know juddmatt12@gmail.com
  6. Hey man a friend and I are looking for a new league and would love to join. Juddmatt12@gmail.com
  7. Hey guys a friend and I are looking for a dynasty start up league. Prefer it to be on ESPN. Trying to stay around $25 for buy in. Let me know Thanks Matt
  8. Hey man I’ve ran couple leagues myself along with being addicted to fantasy. Willing to help out and join. Let me know Juddmatt12@gmail.com Thanks Matt
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