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  1. Fantasy Pros has him at #34 in standard. 1) Seems like there's zero chance he's there by pre-season. 2) If he is he's the perfect early third guy with upside. I just can't see a world where a guy who was a receiver in college doesn't take over the majority of passing down snaps next year, and if he does he has top 1 potential. No joke.
  2. My league just had our lottery, and I have the 6th pick in my Non-PPR 12-Team Re-Draft for 2021. I love it because JT is the guy I want to have @ 6, but I'd obviously have to be ecstatic if one of those 5 fell to me.
  3. I don't see anything wrong with the rule. I believe OP when he says he's not saying this simply because he feels bad for the Browns but I think alot of people on Twitter are. If you fumble and it goes out of bounds in the field of play, offense retains possession, marked out where the ball when out. If you fumble and it goes out of the back of the endzone, it's a touchback. I like it because it's consistent with the NFLs touchback rules. Reaching the ball out like Higgins did is risky business, you accept that when you make the move. On punt coverage, you don't get to down the ball where
  4. Where are you seeing this? The only ADPs I can find are on fantasy pros and fantasy calculator, but those are showing early 4th round ADPs from 2020.
  5. This guy might really be a rock solid top 8 RB with upside (😳) if Lawrence can play well from day 1.
  6. So Arthur Smith has gone to Atlanta. Do we think this changes amything for the Tennessee offense? It's worth noting, the Derrick Henry offensive identity was first forged at the end of 2018 when Matt LaFleur was still the OC so this set up could very well be Vrabel driven.
  7. Man I'd hate for the momentum to switch on Hills turnover. I'm not even a Saints fan, that would just suck if Brees couldn't make it out of the 1st roumd again because of Payton's hardon for Hill lol
  8. Trolls out in full force I see 😂. I will say, when the oline can't get him space to get going he looks slowwww. Obviously his forte isn't creating behind the line of scrimmage like some of the other elite guys, it's getting to the second level and wrecking dudes. The OL deserves alot of credit for getting him there so he can embarrass LBs and safeties. Looked liked the year 1 ,year 2 Henry tonight. Great job up front by Baltimore
  9. There is nothing stopping this guy but injury. They are going to run the ball no matter what. The Vikings defense was awful this year and he still ate. Just so damn explosive.
  10. That's amazing. He's a beast either way but definitely nice to have two of the worst teams in the league in your division 😂
  11. Also want to note this is the second year in a row an early round pick looked very bad for a stretch of the season and was still able to break through the rookie wall in time to help win championships. I avoided all rookies in my re-draft this year due to the COVID irregularities, but Miles Sanders figuring it out in 2019 gave me the confidence to trade for Taylor this year. Make no mistake about it, Taylor looked pretty bad in the middle of the season. Sometimes it just takes time to adjust to the speed of the game and to not overthink things.
  12. I want Jamarr Chase so bad. I'm sure the Dolphins will take him though. Either way. Glad to lose. My NFC hate list definitely goes Cowboys, Giants, Redskins. Happy for Alex Smith and Ron Rivera.
  13. Great job Doug 😂😂😂. Jamarr Chase/Devonta Smith here we come!
  14. Don't get it twisted, the Eagles are tanking to secure the 6th pick rather than the 9th. Washington is so awful they STILL can't even take this game by the horns. NFC LEAST
  15. Easy matchup, but it feels like he's just beginning to scratch the surface of what he can do. Damn. Really want to draft this guy next year. Probably will be 4th on my board after CMC, Cook, Henry, assuming AK41 has Taysom at QB. Hope the front office doesn't bring back Mack. Don't even want to give Reich the chance to screw up touches.
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