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H2H: Points. PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK are worth +1. TOs are -1. One division, 12 teams, 12 players for each roster. Re-draft. Our regular season is a 61 games schedule (corresponding to the first 61 games of the real-life regular season) plus 3 rounds of playoffs (last 21 games of R-L RS). Thus 8 teams out of 12 qualify.

It is a per-minute league: 96 Guards' minutes, 96 Forwards', 48 centers'.


It's important to score a lot of Fantasy Points Per Game (FPPG), but most times FPPM (Per Minute) are most important.

E.G. If Westbrook scores 1.07 FPPM while Whiteside scores 1.09 FPPM, on the other hand Westbrook does that in 35.7 minutes per game (38.1 FPPG), while Whiteside in just 26.7 mins (29.1 FPPG). In this case, Westbrook is better that Whiteside despite the lower FPPM's. However, even though Paul George scores 30.1 FPPG, he is terrible compared to Whiteside because he does that in 37.0 minutes per game, for a 6th/7th-round-value of 0.82 FPPM.

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