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  1. The Rays are starting Glasnow for ALDS Game 5 on 2 days rest. Interesting as Snell is on 3 days rest. I like the vote of confidence in Glasnow, but also should I be a little worried he will get hurt? I mean the Rays rarely let him go over 90 pitches/6 inning this year, and now they are asking him to pitch on 2 days rest.... mixed feelings.
  2. IDK... Got him in the 10th Rd this year. Keeping him could win me the league or be a big fat zero next year... He obviously still a stud when healthy, but honestly, I probably won't risk a keeper spot on him.
  3. I don't think the upside is the same. Guys like Bieber, Cole, deGrom, Bauer, Darvish all have 300+ stikeout upside; I don't think Kershaw is there anymore. Also, I do think Kershaw's floor is lower. Not because of performance (when on the mound he is always solid) but because Kershaw remains a higher injury risk than those guys. He's a lower end SP1 IMO.
  4. I think you can expect him somewhere in the 45-60 range if healthy. I'd think the stuff will be there, but the control may take a year.
  5. I mean its not like I hate Giolito. I have him as SP5. I just don't think he belongs in the conversation(yet) with Cole, Bieber, & deGrom.
  6. I really think after deGrom, Bieber, & Cole, everyone else has enough question marks to not be considered Tier 1. That includes Giolito for me- Somewhat limited arsenal, inconsistency both this year and last, and I still can't quite forget how bad he was in 2018. Not quite Tier 1. Maybe if he is elite again this year he moves up into that Tier, but right now I can't draft him with that level of confidence.
  7. You've got Buehler in Tier 4. Seems like a pretty massive nose dive based upon the 60 game sample we saw. Especially since he didn't really pitch poorly, just slow to ramp up and the blister issue.
  8. Totally forgot Strasburg. I think I'd have him in the Castillo/Kershaw Tier.
  9. It feels wrong putting Bauer that high, but I don't know who in that tier I would rather have. I think they all have pretty big past or recent inconsistency concerns.
  10. How do you rank the top 20 Starting pitchers for next year? Here's my take. Anyone too high or low? Am I forgetting anyone? Tier 1: 1. deGrom 2. Bieber 3. Cole Tier 2: 4. Bauer 5. Giolito 6. Darvish 7. Scherzer 8. Buehler 9. Nola Tier 3: 10. Castillo 11. Flaherty 12. Kershaw 13. Clevinger 14. Gray 15. Lynn Tier 4: 16. Maeda 17. Gallen 18. Glasnow 19: Grienke 20. Lamet Next Guys Up: Burnes, Woodruff, Snell, Carrasco, Fried, Bundy
  11. Is this guy a 2 Start pitcher this week? Starting Tue, then maybe again on Sun?
  12. Minor- better matchup and more likely to go 6 INN Help Please?
  13. You could do worse. Rockies have been awful, and Nolan is out. Help?
  14. Anderson- dude is a stud and will be elite in all ratios, plus he may pick up a few saves anyway. Help Please?
  15. Either Flaherty (has been awful at Miller) or Buehler because I think they might cap him at a few innings to prevent the blister getting worse. If I had to pick I'd bench Buehler since Flaherty looked good yesterday. Help Please?
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