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  1. 1,400 innings is a lot. That’s about equivalent to 170+ starts when you factor in relief pitcher’s innings. Depending on how many weeks your league runs, I’d utilizing your best 6-7 starting matchups per week if you’re in the 20-22 week range, and not force any bad matchup spot starter.
  2. Yordan is a must keep as last pick. Pair with Ian Andeson.
  3. Bieber Cole Snell Eloy Springer
  4. Available Blocks Grid #1: Full Grid #2: Full Grid #3: 25
  5. Blocks Left.. I expect Grid #1 to fill this weekend. Grid #1: 30 Grid #2: 78 Grid #3: 82
  6. SUPER BOWL 55 BLOCK POOL My 12th Annual Block Pool $3000 Block Pool / $30 per block Update: There are three grids. Each grid is it’s own block pool. They will follow the same rules and payouts. There are only 38 squares left in grid one and blocks have been taken in the other two as well. Once they are all full, you won’t be able to get any more blocks. I won’t be opening up a fourth grid. The full breakdown on the rules and payout structure is in the google doc. If you are interested, drop your email or message me and I will send you the google do
  7. 2021 NFL Playoffs Fantasy Frenzy $25 Per Entry - Allowed to buy up to 3 Entries Hosted on fantasypostseason.com We have eclipsed 100+ entries each of the past 5 years. If you are interested, drop your email or shoot me a message and I will send over the google doc with the full details and invite links. I collect and disperse the winning payouts through paypal or venmo, so if you only use LSafe, I understand. If you're not interested, please don't comment or message me lecturing about LSafe. I have plenty of vouches on here and have been on this forum for years. You can che
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