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  1. Is he going to be outfield eligible? 7 total OF starts. Not sure how many starts the platforms are going to require.
  2. Ended up 13th in ESPN player rater and 17th in Razzball. I can see avoiding him next year if his price tag is too high. But, the player raters do show how valuable steals are as long as the other cats don’t completely bottom out, especially avg. One thing is I think is any concerns about Matheny and his shoulder limiting his SB potential has been assuaged. He is going to play him everyday and wants him to be aggressive- pretty clear Mondesi plays better when aggressive. I think projecting him for 60-70 SB is reasonable for next year. If you do draft him, I thi
  3. Yeah Machado will be in the conversation at the end of round 1/ beginning of round 2.
  4. 3 for 4 with another HR, 2 RBI, triple short of a cycle. 12/14 with 2HR, 4SB, 2 BB, 7 RBI, 6 R. Ended the season .256 6 HR, 24 SB .710 OPS.
  5. He’s 13th in the season long ESPN player rater today. Razzball not updated today but was 49th yesterday with $20.7 value returned. Statcast pretty much sums him up: https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/adalberto-mondesi-609275?stats=statcast-r-hitting-mlb Super fast, good D, hits the ball hard but big contact red flags. I think the Royals are long term committed and as much his run has been for regaining confidence for fantasy, it’s even more for real life. I bet the projection systems will have him about where they had him this year. His shortened
  6. Can I nominate this post for nostradamus post of the year?
  7. 9 for last 11 (7 for last 7) with 6 R, 4 SB, 4 RBI last three games. Avg up to .241, OPS up to .647. Since Sept 8th hitting .333 with 4 HR, 14 SB!, 19 R, and even 12 RBI. Triple slash .333/.389/.621 over that period. #1 player according to fantrax player rater over that time. Probably won some people their leagues if he was dropped and they picked him up around that time. He would be tied for the lead in steals just with that 18 day stretch.
  8. Only second player to ever do that (Abreu, 2004). He's shot up to 67th on the ESPN player rater (10th SS), because of the value of his steals. That despite his horrid start. He's the kind of player you have to suck it up and stick with if you do invest. He's likely your primary source of steals and you have to live with the cold stretches in order to get return on your investment in that category.
  9. Not every coronavirus positive will result in a team outbreak. If it is just the one and that person for whatever reason doesn’t spread it, it could be just a couple days.
  10. I think his streaming days may be over for this year. Statcast data backs up results so far.
  11. Just traded for him in a keeper league. Feel like he is underrated right now despite playing well. Statcast basically same as last year.
  12. I really debated holding him when he looked to be in the short side platoon. Still worried given the Rockies arbitrary history with their lineups, but he’s got the skills to flourish in the lead off role.
  13. Thanks. I was a week ahead of the coronavirus thread in the NBA rotoworld board. MLB fans prepare early! Looking back, in the third post on this thread I mentioned option of not playing in front of fans. Broken clock is right twice a day, as they say! (hopefully, anyway).
  14. Even if I envision the season starting, I have a hard time envisioning it not stopping again with a minor outbreak (that may or may not include players).
  15. No doubt. I'm just saying that we are going to start to see the returns this week. and it doesn't look good, especially in NYC. I think other places might show better results.
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