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  1. Nothing waiver is empty. 5x5 al only 12 teams. Lucky to find anyone getting abs on waivers. Am trying to move pivetta/ Gibson at top value but not getting any bites. For a sake I’m at 61.50 - 14.5 hitting/47.00 pitching. Get Voit back soon hopefully. (1st at 81.0)
  2. I would’ve offering Berrios for Chapman. Leaning same as you
  3. Al only 5x5 non keeper. Chapman for Berrios. I’m dead last in all hitting categories in large part due to injuries. Remaining sps are Lynn/Javier/pivetta/Gibson/mix and match 5th starter. alternative is pivetta/ Gibson for lesser hitter ( Dozier) he also has Kyle Lewis . Thanks
  4. I currently have Franco with 3 years of control in al only 5x5- 12 team keeper. i could use a 2nd rp but was offered Taylor Rogers ( minn) with 3 yrs of control for Miguel Andujar ( 4 yrs of control) and Wander Franco (3 yrs of control). after rejecting the trade the owner emailed me inquiring why I felt the trade wasn’t worth approving. Am I missing something?
  5. FYI- I need hitting. Taillon is my #4 behind berrios Lynn Javier
  6. Al only 5x5 12 team keeper league start 2 catchers salvador perez ($6) for Karenchek ($10) and Donaldson ($27). Wasn’t considering Donaldson as a keeper due to cap # . Thanks in advance.
  7. Lost Voit in my al only 5x5 12 teamer with no 1b eligible replacement on my roster. Thoughts on replacement? Waiver is bare. Bruce was drafted but Ford is available. Thoughts on add bid in al only with $100 faab. Thanks
  8. Agree 100% with the statistical analysis. Only reason I even considered Hicks is likely auction value vs keeper value. ($5) vs Soler ($16). If I seriously considered Hicks I’d be looking to buy in on Soler at $15-$20 at draft. For comparison, in my al only redraft yesterday Hicks went for $16/ Soler for $21.
  9. Deep enough for this league format. Sure the ww is thin but a would look to add a couple upside middle relievers to help with k’s and ratios.
  10. Hold Ryu/berrios/Bieber and try to land 1 or 2 bats with remaining starters. Deep enough at sp to work deal for bat or two.
  11. Looking for last keeper. aaron hicks at $5 or Soler at $16 5x5 AL ONlY -12 team keeper. Prefer Soler but Hicks at $5 is tempting. Thanks in advance
  12. After trade my 7 keepers would be Gioloto ($10) cole ($35) bichette ($20) y Alvarez ($10) Dozier ($1) j polonco ($6) and either pressly($7)/ / Karinchak ($10) whichever wasn’t in cole deal. thoughts on which rp to deal? Pressly ($7) or Karinchek ($10)
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