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  1. Get man can I join your league? I'll take either team

  2. greenblatt.david@yahoo.com Let me know if you have any openings
  3. if ur starting a dynasty league or need a replacement owner for a FREE league email me at dmg@csu.fullerton.edu
  4. Preferably h2h most cats I'll take any opening would prefer free but am open to money perhaps
  5. I will take Athletics if its still available! dmg@csu.fullerton.edu
  6. May I change my name to another MLB team not named? Assuming you do invite me. I love everything you wrote up there and especially like the scoring.
  7. Please consider me if you have another opening
  8. Email me at dgreenblatt9@gmail.com or leave your email here. I cant stress this enough I need active owners and the league has a great system. Without great owners I cant expand it the way I wanted to. If you are atleast a semi experiened owner with patience, by next year this time this will be a super intricate and fun league.
  9. Cleveland Indians Big Red Machine Forsaken are all available http://games.espn.com/flb/leagueoffice?leagueId=49968&seasonId=2018
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